New Lookbook | EDELZiEGE Trust Collection | AW 2023/24



Hyper feminine, extra comfortable, super stylish. TRUST collection arrives in your wardrobe to embrace your silhouette and reconnect you with your well-being universe. 


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The fashion of EDELZiEGE stands for sophisticated details in design and premium natural materials. Every collection is produced from 100% cashmere wool and all materials are renewable, cruelty-free and harvested from animals living in the wild in Mongolia.
To take on responsibility for our society and environment, EDELZiEGE insists on a dissociation from mass manufacturing. We work exclusively with small manufactures in Mongolia that support and share our demand for fair working conditions and environmental protection as well as high quality and design. 
EDELZiEGE’s classic, timeless and exclusive pieces assure you the highest quality and comfort for a luxurious feeling of well-being.


Natural Materials. The majority of garments designed by EDELZiEGE are made from 100% cashmere wool - a renewable and raw material, sourced from animals in Mongolia which are free-range and not mass-raised. Cashmere is considered the gold of the Mongolians. The goats live on a pasture in Mongolia and, when they naturally loose their fur, it is combed out. From this, yarn is made, dyed and then knitted.
Cruelty-Free. EDELZiEGE takes special care to ensure that the animals live normally and are not specially bred or kept closely to one another.
High Quality. For EDELZiEGE, quality is the most important slow fashion principle of all. This means that the garment should be fairly produced and made of natural, and therefore durable, materials. This ensures you can enjoy the garment for longer.
EDELZiEGE stands for 100% cashmere, classic and timeless pieces, assuring the highest quality and comfort, for a luxurious feeling of well-being.
Local Production. EDELZiEGE not only obtains its wool from Mongolia, but also has it processed into the finished products there. This contributes to preserving and creating new jobs to the native Mongolians. EDELZiEGE works exclusively with small manufacturers that support and share their demand for fair working conditions, environmental protection and quality of design. The three knitting factories in the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar, that produce for EDELZiEGE employ between 20 and 40 people and 90% of the workers are women.
Small Quantities. EDELZiEGE stands for sustainable management in harmony with nature and mankind and is resolutely opposed to mass production, cheap labour and environmentally harmful production processes. EDELZiEGE only produces a small number of items (10 to 50 of each design), making the cashmere products almost unique.
Social Impact. EDELZiEGE supports orphans in Mongolia by collaborating with Alpha-Omega e.V., who have been caring for children in need in Mongolia since 1994.
Special thanks to ALINA SCHUERFELD, a German brand that consider crafts and skills as a cultural heritage that should never be dismissed. They are working with Italian, Spanish and German manufacturers who are handcrafting their products in the most expertise way due to their own high demand on their art. ALINA SCHUERFELD believes in well-made, long-lasting products with unique design aesthetics. They work with chrome-free and vegetable tanned leathers as well as bio-certified salmon leathers. 

Lookbook produced by Luxiders

Creative Director & Production BELVIS SOLER
Photography JENS WITTWER