Neonyt Düsseldorf Opens Its Doors to Conscientious Consumers This Summer



In a groundbreaking shift towards inclusivity and accessibility, Neonyt Düsseldorf, the renowned sustainable fashion trade show, is breaking down barriers and opening its doors wider than ever before. The summer edition is unveiling a fresh B2C (Business to Consumer) concept, inviting not only industry insiders but also conscientious consumers to partake in the movement towards fair and sustainable fashion.


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Traditionally a bastion for B2B (Business to Business) interactions, Neonyt Düsseldorf has consistently championed sustainable fashion alongside its conventional counterpart at the FASHN ROOMS event. However, recognizing the need for a broader impact and deeper engagement, organizers are pioneering a new approach. This summer, the Bilker Bunker, nestled in the heart of Düsseldorf's creative hub, will serve as the vibrant backdrop for Neonyt Düsseldorf's transformative journey.

Under the claim of "Where Change Becomes Reality," Neonyt Düsseldorf is poised to redefine the boundaries of sustainable fashion engagement. Opening its doors to consumers from 3:00 pm onwards each day, the event promises a dynamic platform for interaction. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage directly with brand representatives and founders, gaining firsthand insights into the latest fair fashion trends.



But Neonyt Düsseldorf's evolution doesn't stop there. Beyond mere observation, visitors will be empowered to participate actively in the movement. Interactive workshops, enlightening panel discussions, and a dedicated Boutique corner will facilitate meaningful exchanges and inspire actionable change. Moreover, the introduction of sample sales from exhibiting brands underscores a commitment to accessibility, ensuring that sustainable fashion is not just aspirational but attainable for all.

In embracing this new frontier, Neonyt Düsseldorf transcends its role as a mere trade show, morphing into a holistic platform that unites brands, buyers, and end-users in a shared vision for a more sustainable future. The shift towards consumer engagement marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of ethical fashion, heralding a new era of inclusivity and community-driven change.

Meanwhile, FASHN ROOMS, the esteemed order platform, undergoes its own transformation for the summer 2024 edition. Relocating to the picturesque 'Kaltstahlhalle' from its former home at the 'Alte Schmiedehallen,' the event promises a revitalized setting that combines industrial charm with ample daylight. The redesigned layout fosters a more intimate and inviting atmosphere, conducive to meaningful interactions and seamless navigation.

Ulrike Kähler, Managing Director of Igedo Exhibitions, comments on the move, noting the hall's O-shaped layout, which offers exhibitors enhanced presentation opportunities. Additionally, the integration of outdoor spaces invites attendees to linger and connect amidst the beauty of the surrounding environment. This strategic relocation not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also streamlines the ordering process, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for all involved.

As anticipation builds for the summer 2024 edition, excitement reverberates throughout the fashion industry. With Neonyt Düsseldorf and FASHN ROOMS leading the charge, the stage is set for a transformative showcase that transcends boundaries and fosters genuine connections. 


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