10 Sustainable Brands That Enchanted Us At MOMAD



During last edition of Momad Madrid, sustainable designers and fair brands had the opportunity to showcase their collections to both national and international buyers, establish commercial connections, explore new business opportunities, and stay abreast of the latest industry trends. Luxiders Magazine was once again present to discover firsthand the most beautiful sustainable fashion brands at the exhibition. Here they are.


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With each edition, MOMAD provides an enriching experience, fostering connections and synergies with emerging sustainable fashion brands. The event equips brands with new negotiation tools and commercial perspectives, aiding in their growth trajectory.

Edition after edition, we witness the growth of designers and artisans showcasing their fashion creations and accessories there, all exclusive propositions crafted under sustainable principles. Many of these productions are locally sourced, handcrafted, and created with materials that prioritize sustainability. These brands proudly champion high quality and meticulous attention to detail in every piece they produce.




Moclán, winner of one of the Momad Talents Awards by ISEM FBS, is a company associated with the Sustainable Fashion Cluster of San Sebastián, GK Green Fashion. In 2023, they halted brand commercialization to produce directly, setting up their own workshop in San Sebastián, employing women who have experienced abuse and social exclusion. They have also selected national suppliers with certifications for sustainable materials and continue to work towards goals aligned with the 2030 agenda.

Moclán has created a handbag that represents the modern woman of the 21st century. The design is a dream for any eco-conscious fashionista. From the handcrafted details to the high quality materials, their bags are designed to stand out and complement your personal style.



Daria Bae is an ode to minimalism, timelessness, and astrology. The Angolare swimwear collection is inspired by planetary aspects found in astrology, with one aspect being the angular relationship between two points. In this collection, discarded nylon is rescued to regenerate and become the high-quality raw material of the chosen fabric, creating this sustainable collection and preventing accumulation that pollutes our oceans. Since March 2024, Daria Bae is available at WOW.



Kaus Studio, the sustainable fashion brand created by Ana Maria Aristizábal and Ceren Cizmecioglu, draws inspiration from the beauty of nature. Standout this season, prints are the soul of the collection. Created exclusively and painted in watercolor before being digitized and printed on their natural fabrics, these unique designs evoke the freshness of wildflowers and the vibrant colors of Provence in summer. The founders pay meticulous attention to every detail of their collections, with a careful selection of sustainable fabrics such as cupro, linen, and organic cotton.

Moreover, the brand prides itself on its commitment to ethical and responsible production. Kaus Studio produces its collections in limited quantities, avoiding overproduction and ensuring the exclusivity of each garment. This philosophy not only protects our planet but also ensures that those who choose this brand stand out with unique and conscientious pieces.



Blumart embodies beauty, power, ancestral art, and biodiversity. It is a jewelry brand from Bogotá inspired by pre-Columbian art and biodiversity, with timeless designs, functional pieces, meticulous attention to detail, and a characteristic gold color.

"We are a brand on the path to sustainability, convinced that it is the best way to contribute to caring for the planet and improving the social and economic conditions of our collaborators, allies, partners, and the community." – the designer tells us – "78% of our collaborators are women, 60% of whom are mothers and heads of household. We have clear payment policies. We purchase gold with a certificate of origin that guarantees small-scale mineral extraction, traceability of the metal's origin, and the legality of exploitation." Blumar has an appropriate alien product made from the material recovered from its defective pieces, avoiding the need to purchase more material.



TEJIDOS REBANCÁ is a craft fashion workshop located in the southern end of the Sugamuxi Valley, in Boyacá, Colombia. Heirs to the indigenous craft of hand spinning and weaving sheep wool, they work on unique clothing pieces that blend tradition and innovation. "We practice vegetable dyeing, manual horizontal loom weaving, wet felting, and hand embroidery, advocating for the sustainable use of raw materials such as silk, cotton, and sheep wool, as well as a positive impact on the surrounding peasant communities." – says its creative director, Francisco Gómez.

Their workshop is characterized by designing based on a philosophy of minimal waste. All fabrics are biodegradable, and their processes are 100% handmade. All production occurs in the workshop, allowing the brand to have permanent control over all processes, mitigating any negative impact on the environment and communities.



Designer and artist Laura Salcedo is a young woman who, at the age of 15, participated in Momad to present her first collection of vests and hats made with a circularity philosophy. They are made from coffee sacks and other discarded fabrics through environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. We were pleasantly surprised by the connection of this collection with art and technology. All garments had an NFT chip that makes it unique and allows you, through your mobile phone, to learn about the entire design and manufacturing process of the garment. Each garment is like a work of art, unique and inimitable.

"The combination of fashion, art, and technology allows me to innovate in the world of fashion, turning this garment into a work of art", –says the designer.



Fun and relaxed fashion that creates colorful family looks. Ellastiek Amsterdam wastes no fabric, turning its scraps into hair accessories, bags, and other accessories that elevate the look to another level.



MantaRaya is a Colombian swimwear brand. "With our bikinis, pareos, and towels, we are starting to expand internationally, bringing Colombia to the rest of the world without losing sight of our three core values: a total commitment to environmental sustainability (we protect our beaches and oceans using recycled materials and eco-friendly products); versatile swimwear that adapts to all body types and offers the possibility to play with different combinations thanks to reversible designs; and designs inspired by Colombia's incredible biodiversity and stunning landscapes, manufactured in Colombia by the skilled hands of women." – comments designer Daniela Salas.



Perpetum Mobile, a regular brand at the Sustainable Experience area of MOMAD, was present with the new collection for Fall-Winter 24-25. "The protagonists of this season are classic and timeless herringbone and Vichy check prints in natural fabrics and neutral colors, embracing the silhouette and allowing it to move freely." The new collection MANUFACTUM is a tribute to the Perpetummobile woman, embodying effortless sophistication, understated style, and serene femininity.


With its brand Ikikiz, the sustainable brand continues to gain ground in hotel boutiques around the world with its resort collections, now with new dresses made of striped linen and ultra-soft textures. We love this brand because they are focusing on offering only sustainable and handmade designer garments. Elegance and luxury should be accompanied by respect for nature and human life.



With the aim of better understanding the commercial strength that Momad offers to the participating sustainable brands, we asked the creators of these brands about their experience at the fair.

Silvia F, CEO and Co-founder of Moclán, was very positive. "We have sold, specifically, we got four orders directly there. Also, the possibility of having a representative in Greece has arisen, another one for Italy, a couple of interested points of sale in Portugal, and also several collaboration possibilities with two other exhibited brands. We are looking forward to repeating the experience."

Ainhoa Darias, founder and designer of Daria Bae, was also excited about her participation: "We found 13 stores interested in distributing the brand."

Ceren, one of the co-founders of the Kaus Studio brand, one of the two winning brands of the Momad Talents contest, stated: "We loved the experience because we met a lot of people and we were very well located. It has been quite interesting although we made few sales, mainly because our product had another type of quality and price for the buyers who came to the fair. Let's say it was more exclusive: our own design and higher prices. We received visitors who showed a lot of interest, that's for sure."

According to Daniela Salas, from Mantaraya, "our level of satisfaction is high. We are very happy with the organization and support of Momad. Before the fair, we were accompanied by an advisor. During the fair, several people came to the stand to ask us how we were doing. Everything was very organized, the assembly, the disassembly, and during the fair. On the other hand, there were quite a few people interested in our products. Most of the people who visited us were wholesalers, there was also press, curious people, designers..."

"Our experience at Momad has been very positive. It is the first time we have participated in an international fair, and our product has been very well received for its authenticity and price. Our clients have been Madrid boutiques looking for unique pieces with luxury finishes." - comments Francisco Gómez, creative director of Tejidos Rebancá.

In the opinion of Colombian designer Laura Salcedo, "the experience has been quite positive since Momad is a great showcase to show everything I do, the garments, and my art. Even though I am 15 years old, it has been a great start. It has allowed me to learn from other brands, personally witness fashion shows, be part of the backstage for the preparation of my show, and make many contacts that can be very important in my career."

"It was a good fair where I could collect contacts to market our brand. The profile of the visitors has been store owners. I am satisfied with our participation, Now follows the follow-up work to materialize the sales." - comments Carmenza Herrera, designer of Blumart.


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