Taipei Fashion Week 2024 | A Cultural Olympiad



Taipei Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2024 adopts “Cultural Olympiad'' as its theme, displaying a diverse array of runaway shows that exhibits Taiwan’s design excellence as well as celebrating fashion, culture, sports and sustainability. Meet the six renowned designer brands that showcased their work.

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Taipei Fashion week opened its Autumn/Winter 2024 season on April 25th. Six of Taiwan’s most talented designers presented their work, centered around this year’s theme “Cultural Olympiad”. The theme is a direct reference to the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics.


True to the spirit of the Olympics, the attire displayed on the runway incorporates high-fashion with versatile, breathable sportswear. The designs also highlighted ecological concerns, with many of the designers employing the use of sustainably produced fabrics, fasteners and accessories.


The show was hosted by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture and held at the Songshan Cultural and Creative park. Largely regarded as the creative hub of Taipei, the Songshan Cultural and Creative park has a history of promoting Taiwan’s intellectual properties of art and culture. As a venue to the Taipei Fashion week, it facilitates the merger of Taiwan’s past with the innovations and artistry of its present, creating a stunning visual feast of a fashion show. 




The brand C Jean showcased a  line of work centered around the concept; “Sounds of Freedom''. Through the use of streamlined tailoring, vibrant colors, lightweight fabrics and eco-friendly zippers and buttons developed by Formosa Taffeta, C-Jean displayed a range of pieces that capture the dynamic essence of the athlete, combining it with the history and mythology that surrounds the Olympics.


Jamie Wei Huang continues her remarkable practice of cross-disciplinary designing, which fuses artistry with functional design. Her inspiration for this year’s collection is the Chinese Taipei surfing team. Through the use of sustainably sourced fabrics from Everest Textiles Co., Ltd., she creates a collection that maintains her avant-garde flair, while referencing the world of Watersport.


Just In XX’s line “Taiwan Dreams, Taiwan Power” is a brilliant display of Taiwanese national pride at the Paris Olympics. The line transforms the regional elements of Taiwan such as “mountain”, “seas” or “cities” into clothing patterns and prints. All the pieces make use of advanced fabrics and three-dimensional cutting, as well as drawing inspiration and collaborating with Taiwanese artists, creating a fusion of Taiwan’s cultural vibrancy and fashion innovation


PCES presents a collection of people-focused, elegant wear that intersects with the Olympic spirit by producing a line inspired by history, culture, environment and sports. The collection comprises surfing-themed attire that references nautical imagery, earth-toned wear inspired by athletic climbing outfits, breakdance attire reminiscent of the urban New York landscape and unique skateboarding outfits, which blends high fashion with streetwear. Overall, the line speaks to the originality and creative potential of fashion. 


Storywear pays tribute to the history of France, by reflecting on the French revolution, especially on its core sentiments: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. The line is also a testament to the brand’s continued dedication to sustainability, with the collection being made from the combined efforts of local tailors and environment friendly practices.


Syzygy strives for astronomical heights by curating a collection focused on celestial phenomena. Utilizing recycled material and carbon capture technology, the brand brings forth a line of functional and sustainable clothing that reflects on Olympic glory and the soaring ambitions of the athlete. 




Taipei Fashion Week A/W 2024 is yet another display of Taiwan’s artistic wealth and modern innovations. The goal is to provide a platform for Taiwanese brands that have the potential for international expansion, to display their work and reach audiences around the world. This year’s focus on the upcoming Olympics is a testament to the endless potential of Taiwan’s designers to curate pieces that stand in dialogue with their rich cultural heritage and the rest of the world. 

The event aims to be a powerful force in the Asian fashion scene. This year’s event proves that Taiwanese designers have made valuable contributions to the fashion industry, and continues to push the limits of industry practices, to take into account quality craftsmanship and environmental sustainability. 


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Liza Silva
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