Fair and sustainable brands: meet our new discoveries



It’s our responsibility to look forward and change the way that we are purchasing to be more responsible. We can’t just keep taking from the planet and exploiting people for own purposes and for the purposes of consuming more and more products. We all need to make a change. Each company, each designer, each individual has to look into their own heart and soul and decide how to transform the lifestyle. We select for you new fair fashion brands and sustainable products from around the globe to make you enjoy a sustainable and fair lifestyle. Here, our fair brands wishlist of July, 2019.


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Top by Roberts | Wood


Why to buy: We love this ephemeral sheer top featuring Roberts | Wood's signature, non-sewn, “hand-linked”, ruffle technique from Spring Summer 2019 “Melanphoria” collection. The garment is finished with a fine pleated net trim on the neck and cuffs. It is made in England.Robert Wood is a concept brand founded by Katie Roberts-Wood following her graduation from the Royal College of Art. Her Masters collection, ‘SYNCH’, was awarded the International Talent Support ‘Collection of the Year Award’ as well as the Vogue Talents Award for the designer’s technically innovative techniques which question the basic fundamentals of construction. 


What we love: For Roberts | Wood, a collection represents a crystallised moment in an evolutionary design process; a pause in the continual exploration of textiles, construction and silhouette. Drawing on themes of repetition, nature and mathematical patterns; the aesthetic is instinctively beautiful yet chaotic and at times unreal. The brand represents a determined femininity that blends tactile poetry and dreamlike curiosity with structure, strength and form. 


Price:  544 € - £ 490 | Shop it now: Roberts | Wood


Bags by K | Rosenberg

Why to buy: As you may know, nowadays it is very important to know where do our garments come from? More, if we speak about leather. K | Rosenberg takes care of its entire supply chain, from animal to the end product. The leather comes from Germany and Spain. It is ethically made with by-products of food production, and tanned only with natural & renewable substances, without heavy metal & chrome, so you get a product that is as natural as possible, breathable and pleasant to the touch.

What we love: Karla Rosenberg likes to be inspired by architecture and nature, which creates her timeless design. The styles are designed in her own studio in Switzerland. The production takes place in small series in a traditional manufactory in southern Germany. We really love that K | Rosenberg stands for leather goods made of high-quality, natural leather, so that every bag is unique.

Price: 289 € / $ 321 USD |  Shop it now: K | Rosenberg


Xanh Dress by anima. by loreto


Why to buy:  The Xanh Dress is a versatile garment that can fit many different body types. Its minimal, color blocking design makes it a great choice for Summer's special events. It comes in many color combinations, some are limited edition, which makes this garment even more special. It has been ethically made in Hanoi. The textiles have been locally sourced from traditional silk weaving villages in Vietnam. Local families live of the production of silk products and textiles. Sericulture is an essential industry for the Vietnamese as it helps many of its people to earn a living wage and maintain this century old tradition. At anima. by loreto, one of the goals is to promote and support local textile traditions and artisans to keep and cherish traditional textile practices.


What we love: anima. by loreto uses only locally bought, organic, natural, recycled or dead-stock textiles. Loreto works exclusively with local producers on an equitative basis, ensuring profits are shared fairly and supporting local communities. anima clothes are made in a small workshop in Hanoi, run by a woman named Tuyet at her mother’s house. She employs a team of around fifteen people, most of whom are women. Loreto also works Lan, an expert in the traditional indigo dyeing technique of the Hmong ethnic community in Vietnam.


Price:  255 € - $ 285 USD  |  Shop it now: anima.by loreto


Lightweight jacket by Jeckybeng


Why to buyJeckybeng addresses all who are searching for deceleration, sustainability and balance, those who want to rediscover nature. This 490 grams windproof, water-repellent and extremely breathable summer jacket is made out of a revolutionary organic cotton rip stop fabric. The jacket comes as usual in minimalist design and waives both unnecessary plastic parts on hood and waist regulation as well as playful decoration. It defies all the summer's touches without losing any of its breathability and offering maximum freedom of movement.


What we love: Jeckybeng is part of an urban outdoor movement –a movement of inspired urbanites who see the world from a different perspective. We love Jeckybeng mission, but also its lifelong repair service. With it, the company stands behind the quality of its products and guarantee longevity. We also love that Jeckybeng stands for responsible action and regional production. The company has a friendly relationship with its producers and invite its customers to visit its facilities in Germany and Poland.

Price:  199 €  - $ 221 USD | 
Shop it now: Jeckybeng


Vegan bags by Mipoppins


Why to buy:  If you’ve ever suffered when looking for your keys inside your handbag, Mipoppins is made just for you. Their handbags, thought for the daily life, are designed to optimize the interior space. A magnet placed on the right let you reach your keys at any time. An elasticated band for the transportation card located at the bottom of the bag, avoids wasting time when using the public transport. It also has an specific department for books, glasses, a bottle of water… 


What we love: Mipoppins’ handbags are beautiful inside and outside: they are sustainable, vegan and social. They are made of Piñatex, an innovative natural textile made out of pineapple leaf fiber. This non-fabric material makes them extremely lightweight and, at the same time, you are helping to save the planet. Mipoppins is also a zero waste brand. They will soon launch a line of earrings with the pattern residues of the handbags. In addition, the packaging consists in a bag made of organic cotton thought to be reused as a plastic bag substitute. 5% of the profits of each bag is destined to NGOs who work to improve women’s lives in different parts of the world. They are currently working with Ana Bella Foundation and Mujeres por Africa Foundation.


Price: 189 € / $ 212 USD  | Shop it now:  Mipoppins


PACKD Lunch Box


Why to buy: PACKD Lunch boxes are the new way to grab lunch on the go. Founders Laura and Bettina wanted to find a way to buy lunch out, but avoid the single use packaging that comes along with it. Their lunch boxes are made from premium, toughened glass and a recycled material comprised of drink bottles that have been collected by japanese school children as part of their environment and education program.


What we love: Each lunch box has a secret compartment stocked with lovely stainless steel cutlery. The curved shape fits easily into your hand and handbag. It’s a must to accompany your reusable coffee cup or drink bottle. They’re currently available on Kickstarter, so get in quick for the first limited editions


Price: 28 € - $ 31 USD | Shop it now: PACKD Lunch on Kickstarter


Luxiders Magazine Print #2

Why to buy: The first sustainable luxury magazine made of waste (recycled paper) aspires to expand the responsible consumption worldwide, building a culture of respect, with positive effects on the economy, society and the environment by reducing poverty, hunger, pollution, climate change and inequalities and increasing well-being, justice and peace. Issue #2 invites you to take a deep dive into the big blue, our oceans, and learn how to save them by doing little things. It also gives you the antidote to overtourism and explains why veganism is on the rise or introduce you to Zero Waste pioneers and Design Futurism Innovators, and much more...

What we love:  Luxiders Magazine Issue 2 is a real labour of love. Each word, each image, each garment featured has been carefully selected to embrace your soul and take it to a better comfort zone, where sublime imperfections disrupt the established codes. It is all about emancipation from common-sense, for the good of our future.

:  12€- $13 USD |  Shop it now: Luxiders Shop