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T O    B E     N O T H I N G.

Just freedom...

How beautiful the world is when you look at it without wanting to possess it.


This project has been supported by FROM PORTUGAL


Garment made based on products in Jacquard Linen, rich in natural and healthy benefits. Linen is antistatic and hypoallergenic, allowing the skin to mantain natural pH levels, ideal for people with sensitive skin. Designed by MANIFESTO MODA with textiles from ALLCOST.


DINO ALVÉS designed this dress with soya from waste, Cly Seacell and Hemp. The composition of these 3 alternative, eco-conscious natural fibres whose properties promote comfort, health and well-being, has been made by RDD TEXTILES. The dress has therapeutic benefits, such as anti-bacterial effect, UV protection, and cell regeneration. 


Designer WELICA CORDEIRO's garment has been created with a knitted fabric made with Organic Wool, Biodegradable Polyamide Amni Soul Eco and Tencel. ‘Organic wool’, means that the material has been farmed, without chemicals. Amni Soul Eco is eliminated from the planet in about 5 years. Tencel cellulosic fibres of botanic origin define a new standard of sustainability and natural comfort. The textile is from LMA-LEANDRO MANUEL ARAÚJO.


Velour Fantasy Total look by BRUNO FELICIANO. The textile made by JOAPS (70% organic cotton, 27% Recycled Polyester) is GOTS Certified.


Dress by CRISTINA BARRADAS. Created a garment with knitted fabric 100% Organic Cotton and a natural extract-based dyeing technology. This process by TINTEX allows having 30% savings in dyestuffs and makes the garments very long lasting and durable and it is a certified finishing technology. 


JOAO FEITOR'S total look, produced by a fabric that comes from the junction of a cork industry waste with natural cotton fibre, incorporating the natural properties of cork in the jacquard fabric, such as anti-dust mites, antibacterial, fire resistance and sound insulation. The innovation is from CORK-A-TEX.



Dress by ANA SALAZAR, created with Knitted fabric by A. SAMPAIO & FILHOS. It combines the excellent natural properties of merino wool with the added elasticity and mechanical strength provided by the polyamide fibre. The great innovation of this fabric is that the synthetic component was designed to be biodegradable in an industrial landfill environment.


Innovative design by SCOOP, based on the principles of ecodesign through upcycling. The garment is made exclusively with brand and composition labels. 



Art & Creative Direction BELVIS SOLER
Photography JENS WITTWER