Fashion Editorial | Roots



To re-connect the human being with nature, Roots has born. Reminding we are species born to be in symbiosis with nature. Combining high fashion with natural materials, the editorial is rooted within nature, nodding to our earthly origins. 


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Striking headpiece designed by TEIN CLOTHING. The jacket and trousers were made from recycled leather by ILARIA LEPORE. The viewer's eye is drawn to the leather as a slightly shiny texture separating itself from the dark depths of the image. Boots by NEWROCK

Dress designed by HANA MINOWA. Her collection focusses on preservation and the idea that objects can become capsules of memory.


Coat and trousers by JOHANNA HEHEMANN. All materials used for the pieces are either upcycled (waste fabrics from upholstery company and old raincoats) or biodegradable (leaves, leylandii hedge cut-offs, soil and biodegradable latex).


Headpiece and dress designed KARINA BONDAREVA. Karina’s unique take on couture comes from a dedication to use materials she already has around her to create sculptural and intricate pieces that puzzle and awaken the imagination. 


Dress designed by MITHRIDATE. The rigid structure of the dress creates a bold silhouette striking against the natural background. 


Headpiece designed by TZU-YANG and a jumpsuit made by QIUYUN LEE. The material of the jumpsuits is slightly sheer, bringing the body even closer to nature. 


 The headpiece is designed by HANA MINOWA. Boots designed by NATACHA MARRO.  


Dress made by JOHANNA HEHEMANN. Hehemann incorporates natural materials into her designs, uniting the model with nature. 


Sleeves and shorts by TZU-YANG. This collection was created by applying three-dimensional knitting technique with Raffia; Natural materials were also explored and recombined into the existing object to achieve sustainability through pure handcrafts.


The nails in image one were designed by BEATRIZ FERRER. "For this editorial, I created black-wax nails hardened with eco-resin. My goal was to create a nail that was both captivating and alien-like."

Featuring stunning and revolutionary work from new up-and-coming designers graduated in Saint Martins who have based their final project on sustainability and handicrafts. This editorial is rooted in sustainability: the future of fashion.



Photography by Eva Losada 
Fashion by Saik Gonzalez 
Model Tjaša, casting by @xdirectn 
Hair by Yuho 
Makeup by Elle McMahon
Nail Artist Beatriz Ferrer 
Photography assistant Flo Husseini 
Fashion assistants Alice Secchi & Elia Ruiz