Fashion Story * True Begin Valley * South Africa


Teenagers, almost grown up ...
they are still growing, how does it feel?

How do some teenagers from South Africa look to the future?
How do they find their way?
Especially, how do they face the background of hard experiences during their childhood, as well as the current difficult living conditions?

How is it for them to star a photo shoot,
in particular, since they are not used to do it?
Do they enjoy it?

Can they experience their own strength during the photo shoot?
Can they feel a sense of unfolding?


Marlin (15) from South Africa is the hero of this story. He was in front of a camera for the first time. The photo location is his home. This apple farm in Elgin Valley is where he lives with his parents, brothers and sisters under simple conditions.

In this story he simultaneously performs as a storyteller and an actor. Marlin takes us with him on a journey towards himself. On set, he just grew big and the team were deeply impressed by his presence and sensitivity.


Shirt by Mami Wata, from Cape Town. Blazer and trousers by Imprint (Cape Town). Shoes Birkenstock


Vintage Sunglases (stylist's own). Necklace by Afrigarde (Cape Town).


Shirt by Ethel Vaughn (Hamburg). Hip bag by Imprint. Vintage Tights (stylist's own). Shoes by Birkenstock.


Shirt by Black Velvet Circus (Hamburg). Blazer by Ethel Vaughn (Hamburg). Trousers by Selfi X Rharha La Loba Collection (Cape Town) 


Shirt and trousers by Bitten Stetter (Hamburg) . Shoes by Imprint (Cape Town).


Raincoat by Maison Suneve (Hamburg). Vintage sunglases (stylist's own). Necklace by Afrigarde (Cape Town) 

White dungarees by Selfi (Cape Town). Neck scarf Amazing by Maison Suneve (Hamburg). 

Left, blouse and trousers by Lara Klawikowski (Cape Town).

Shirt by Ethel Vaughn (Hamburg). Trousers and tie: vintage, stylist's own.

Shirt by Irina Rohpeter (Hamburg). Trousers by Lesiba Mabitsela (Cape Town). Utopia scarf by Black Velvet Circus (Hamburg). 


All the labels featured in this Fashion Editorial have a commitment to sustainability and a common desire: ethics and aesthetics to co-exist within the modern fashion world.


Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist HENRY MARITZ @starviolet1212