FASHN ROOMS And Neonyt Düsseldorf Converge In The Next Edition



What belongs together grows together - the mix makes the events special. For the first time, FASHN ROOMS and Neonyt Düsseldorf will converge in the historic 'Alte Schmiedehallen' in January 2024.


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From 27th to 29th January 2024, FASHN ROOMS and Neonyt Düsseldorf will be closer than ever as they share the center stage.  FASHN ROOMS is synonymous with concentrated fashion expertise, encompassing everything from clothing and accessories to shoes. On the other hand, Neonyt Düsseldorf is recognised for curating an exciting blend of sustainably driven international green fashion labels. Ulrike Kähler, Managing Director Igedo Exhibitions, explains that they are focusing on the synergies of both formats without them losing their identities.

A day before the official kickoff, the Showroom Concept will feature agencies and premium brands unveiling their collections, setting the tone for the forthcoming autumn/winter 2024/25 order season.



Neonyt Düsseldorf has carefully curated a lineup of participants featuring sustainable brands that prioritize ethical and conscious fashion. All labels must provide specific information on the ecological and social aspects of their sustainability. Only collections that meet the specified requirements and have successfully passed the sustainability check (materials, climate neutrality and working conditions, among other things) are allowed to exhibit at Neonyt Düsseldorf.

Among the standout exhibitors is the vegan label Anne Schellenberger, seamlessly blending luxury with environmental and animal welfare. From the Peruvian Andes, Andina World showcases distinctive handmade accessories. Aeversum employs nanotechnology to seamlessly blend augmented reality with fashion. Be sure not to miss the Scottish knitwear from Eribé or the German maritime clothing from Derbe. Other brand on the list are GreenBomb, Kero Design, Fisherman out of Ireland, Nat-2, Lloyd, Mela...




At the heart of this collaboration is "THE STAGE," positioned as a central hub connecting the two events.  This space will also showcase awards, panel talks, and lectures. For the second time, Neonyt Düsseldorf, in collaboration with the Green Future Club, will present the Green Product Award for Fashion Winners. The Green Product Award 2024 has already revealed the 275 nominees selected from a pool of 1500 entries spanning 54 countries. The nominated products and concepts are now open for public voting until January 14, 2024. You can vote now here!

Furthermore, Prof Dr Maike Rabe from the Research Institute for Textiles and Clothing at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences will discuss the path for the fashion industry's transition to sustainability. He will address questions like: What responsibility lies with the brands or retailers, and what responsibility lies with the customers?



Complementing the main stage, the Knowledge Area will create a centre for knowledge exchange. Stakeholders can immerse themselves in discussions covering various themes, including the circular economy, ecological footprints, social responsibility, and digitalization. As an exciting highlight, the RefresherBoxx team will introduce a revolutionary method to remove viruses, bacteria, fungi, and odors from textiles.



Showroom Concept 26 to 29 January  2024 

FASHN ROOMS 27 to 29 January  2024 

Neonyt Düsseldorf 27 to 29  January 2024 


+ All Images: © Courtesy Igedo Exhibitions

Francesco Witt
Luxiders Magazine