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Berlin fashion brand Givn Berlin is about being a part of the fashion solution. A 70s spirit with a modern twist, this elegant minimalist fashion brand wants to craft a new standard for the fashion industry. With their motto “Fashion for difference”, Givn strives for a solution (and looks good doing it).

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Givn Berlin began in Berlin, created by founders André and Moritz. Givn was born after a rebrand in 2020 with the motto "Fashion for a difference”. With the birth of the new brand, the Givn team also celebrated a new focus: to make slow fashion the new standard.

Givn appreciates authenticity, within themselves but also with their customers. They want to work towards change within the fashion industry. Their commitment to transparency comes from respect for the planet and those who make their garments.

The team are dedicated to supporting its supply chain. Their pledge of fairness is more than just a buzzword. They actively work with and share their production partners, ensuring holidays, safe working conditions and good wages. You can learn more about each production partner on their website.

Moritz Biel was searching for an escape from the fashion industry. The greenwashing, the lack of accountability. His brand Givn was born from his own desire to remove the façade of fashion and sustainability: “I wanted to get out of the world of big corporations and old business and implement my own company with my own set of values, get active, so to speak.”

Moritz describes Givn’s journey towards sustainable fashion: “At first, we were a conventional fashion label with production in Europe. However, the more we looked into the impact of the fashion industry on people and the environment, the more we realised that we wanted to switch to a consistently fair and ecological supply chain.”

The transition was not a quick one, it took passion and commitment: “The transition was a 2–3-year process and is an ongoing process/challenge. But it is important because we work in a meaningful and sustainable way.”



As Moritz describes, the team at Givn wants to celebrate sustainable clothing: “We want to inspire people for sustainable fashion and awaken an understanding for craftsmanship and the quality associated with it.” Moritz continues “We want to show that fashion can be fun and still be fair and sustainable.”

Their sustainable commitment goes far beyond a simple ethos, impacting their material and design choices. They want to not only show their sustainable practices but assure customers of their eco-friendly commitment through third-party certifications. Givn has opted for various seals that check both ecological standards in their entire supply chain. Currently, Givn is GOTS certified alongside being PETA Approved Vegan.

The GOTs certification was important for Givn: “For one thing, we have been GOTS-certified since the beginning of the year, which was a big milestone for us in the direction of sustainability.” Moritz says.

Givn uses sustainable materials: such as GOTS certified Organic and recycled cotton and linen. They also use TENCEL materials, including Refibra, made from upcycled materials. They seek innovation, research and the latest in the sustainable textile industry to bring their customers ethical clothing.


Textiles choosing for Givn is a meticulous process Moritz tells us: “When choosing our textiles, there are several factors we consider. On the one hand, the fabric must meet our high sustainability criteria and thus have a low impact on the environment.”

“Secondly, the quality is particularly important to us, from the feel of the fabric to the properties of the fibres. With these high demands on our materials, we deliberately want to set ourselves apart from mass-produced goods.” Moritz says.

The sustainable journey for Givn was not quick nor easy one. At the beginning, there were many mistakes: “In the beginning, of course, we made many mistakes and learned a lot - but we also built up our network and gained important insights.” Moritz continues “The first three years we still had part-time jobs and really built up the company step by step.”



The fashion of Givn Berlin combines timeless essentials with subtle trend influences inspired by the Berlin lifestyle. The look is understated and elegant - only high-quality materials are used.

Moritz explains Givn’s creative vision: “With Givn Berlin, we offer a fashionable alternative to fast fashion. We focus on contemporary design that takes care of resources and nature while developing and implementing innovative solutions.”

The Relive collection for Autumn/Winter 2022 exudes warmth. It celebrates warm and welcoming colour combinations, with rustic oranges and subtle blues echoing elements of sunsets. This inviting nature is not only found in the colour, but the material radiates quality. Using their Tencel Refibra, their soft fabric is cosy and attentive to the skin.

The Relive collection draws inspiration from our environment. Peaceful colour compositions are underpinned by flowing cuts and contemporary patterns. Their collection feels non-restrictive, embracing movement and freedom at every cut and angle.

The silhouettes feel like a 70s love child, with Givn’s love of minimalist and elegant elements. The result? A 70s spirit with a modern twist, creating a subtle contemporary nod to both the past and the present.

At Givn, Moritz wants to create fashion free from norms and celebrate the individuality of our society: “We also express this in our fashion. Our customers can therefore be at any stage of their lives and identify with any gender.” The customers of Givn have no identifiable traits, except their love and respect for the planet, and a great taste in clothing.



The circular fashion industry is defined as a regenerative system in which garments are circulated for as long as their maximum value is retained, and then returned safely to the biosphere when they are no longer of use. In a circular model, products are designed and developed with the next use in mind.

For Givn, the fashion industry needs to become circular. The brand sees circularity as an important part of the solution for the future, as resource-saving production and careful use of resources can have a major impact on the environment. Givn is committed to circular fashion for a sustainable future.

Their platform Preloved was created due to their dedication to this circular economy. Its goal is to regenerate preloved fashion items for new homes. Customers can return well-preserved Givn Berlin garments in exchange for vouchers for Givn’s online shop. These returned items are resold for a discounted price, extending the cycle of clothing. Givn’s preloved platform is an important part of the solution. Preloved clothing saves resources and helps avoid overproduction.



“Our overriding goal is to continue to grow sustainably to finally establish fair fashion in the mainstream.” Moritz says, detailing Givn’s future vision “to achieve this, we want to set more fashion highlights and integrate unusual designs into the collections to reach people who have so far bought trendy articles from fast fashion companies.”

There is a little something to keep an eye out for: “We will be hosting two events in our hometown Berlin this year. One of them is the 10th anniversary of our concept store in Wühlischstraße. More detailed information will follow soon.” Moritz says.


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Emily Fromant
Luxiders Magazine