Good Sustainability News in 2021



The year 2021 has been a challenging one in more than one way. Many of us had our livelihood, routine, and plans impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and all of its consequences. On top of that, the climate crisis is still threatening our safety and well-being, as we witness the tangible effects of rising temperatures with our very eyes.


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During these difficult times, though, it is crucial not to fall prey to environmental doomisim and remember that not only progress is being made but also that we can build a better world. In fact, activists haven't stopped fighting for what's right, and thanks to their work, we have some climate and sustainable wins to be grateful for this year. We will list some of them in this article, so keep on reading for a mood boost.



On 20 January 2021, USA president Joe Biden signed an executive order initiating the 30-day process to reenter the Paris Agreement, from which the Trump administration had previously pulled the North American nation out of during a mandate characterized by rollbacks on environmental rules and regulations.



For more than 10 years, many indigenous tribes and activists have fought against the Keystone XL Pipeline Project, handled by the energy company TC Energy, which would have transported carbon-intensive tar sands oil from Alberta to Nebraska, negatively impacting the communities along the way.

Finally, on 20 January 2021, USA President Joe Biden revoked the pipeline's permit, and on 9 June 2021, TC Energy terminated this deeply harmful pipeline extension project for good.



In December 2021, the British-multinational oil and gas company Shell announced its decision not to go ahead with the new Cambo oilfield development off the Shetland Islands in the North Sea. On 10 December 2021, a week after Shell pulled out of the development in the Scottish archipelago, the firm behind the controversial Cambo oil field, Siccar Point Energy, has paused the development off Shetland.

These wins are the results of the work of many activists like those behind the #stopcambo and Paid to Pollute campaigns.



Italian animal rights activists and associations like LAV have been fighting for this ban for years, and thanks to their work, animals will finally no longer be bred to obtain fur in Italy. The amendment number 157.04 to the Budget Law 2022, was approved on 21 December 2021 signed by Senator Loredana De Petris and 9 other senators of the Italian senate.

The amendment establishes a fur farming ban from 1 January 2022 and the dismantlement by 30 June 2022 of the 5 last farms. It also reaffirmed the breeding ban that has been in place since last January.


Wins like these remind us that while there is still much to be achieved, there also has to be room for climate optimism and that we can accomplish a lot when we mobilize, organize and advocate for change. If you want to read more good sustainability news, this article may be interesting: New Laws and Pacts in 2021 That Will Change the Future of Fashion


+ Words: Roberta Fabbrocino

Roberta Fabbrocino is a writer and an environmentalist who loves sharing stories about all things sustainability. She runs @mosclothingsubscription, an eco-friendly personal styling service, and creates content for green brands.

Instagram:  @naturallybree