Gucci Equilibrium, the sustainable revolution made by Gucci


One day prior to World Environment Day, last 5th June, Gucci unveiled the launch of Gucci Equilibrium, an online platform designed to further its commitment to sustainability. This launch is part of Gucci’s 10-year sustainability plan, centred around three pillars: environment, people and innovation.


Gucci desires to have a World in equilibrium. It is not easy nowadays, we know, lots of things to undo. That is why the company has decided to take part of the fashion revolution bringing positive change in order to secure its collective future.

With Gucci Equilibrium, the luxury company ensures it will update its employeers on the way they are letting planet Earth set the limits and how they are applying innovation and cutting-edge science to find new ways to manage its impact. Gucci Equilibrium also explains how the brand accounts for its actions, helping to shift the way that society values companies to make them more sustainable.


“We know that our brand and our people are committed agents of social and environmental change and we want to take that seriously”. 



For the future of fashion

We had a look at the website to know better what Gucci is really doing for the future of fashion. Lots of things, we may say. Here, some examples.

Gucci now has recycling programmes in place at 200 stores and is busy retroffing LED ligthing. The company also monitors Co2 emissions, so that it can set real targets for reduction.

Gucci is steadly increasing the number of hybrid vehicles in its fleet , up from 19 in 2015 to 52 in 2017. It will carry on switching.

Gucci has established an ambitious target to reduce its EP&L footprints by 40% relative to Business growth by 2015.

Regarding to environmental reporting, Gucci reduced a 63% the paper consumption, a 33% the water consumption and a 18% the energy comsumption per employee in 2017 vs. 2016 in its offices.


“Equilibrium means that we are committed to bringing
the very best quality to our customers,
while maintaining positive environmental and social impact”.


Last 2017, Gucci purchased around 102 tons of GOTS certified cotton that is about the same weight as a blue whale, and equates to 13% of all the cotton the company consumes. Gucci is also working to increase the proportion of recycled and plant-based fibres they use. The company has incorporated Newlife poliester into its ready-to-wear collections. This is an engineered fibre made 100% from post-consumer bottles, wich are sourced, processed and spun into yarns using a mechanical (not Chemicals) process.

Gucci no longer uses PVC anywhere in its products. In 2015, they began replacing virging plastic in the heels of shoes with a recycled ABS plastic and, in 2018, they wil produce 40,000 pairs of shoes with TPU soles which contains 50% bio-plastic content.

Gucci’s ongoing campaign to support girls’ and women’s empowerment, diversity and inclusion through initiatives like Chime for Change has been widely publicised thanks to the work of its high-profile founders Salma Hayek and Beyoncé.

I was a Sari, shows how Gucci craftsmen teach women from marginalised communities in Mumbai the skills to upcycle saris.

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