Have You Ever Tried Mushroom Coffee? You Should



Coffee is our daily routine to start a day with more energy and focus. What do you think if a coffee can bring you more benefits other than the taste and caffeine? Mushroom coffee could be your smart choice.


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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks across the world, and many can’t even start their day without it. You can see coffees everywhere, at cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, even at home and work. According to the World Population Review, the US consumes about 3 coffees a day, making them only the 25th biggest coffee consumer. The first is Finland, they consume 12 kg/26 lbs of coffee annually.

As we drink more and more coffee, the concerns about the nutritions in coffee have been raised as well. The caffeine in the coffee gives you energy, better focus, and better strength performance when we play sports or do physical training. However, it could also be a cause of addiction, insomnia, and restlessness. As some consumers started to look for the way to drink coffee healthier, now it is not difficult to find better options such as decaffeine coffee. And there is also another option that you may not know: Mushroom Coffee.

Mushroom coffee is a new rising trend in the coffee industry, and is considered a healthier alternative to regular coffee. Mushroom coffee is brewed from a blend of coffee beans and mushrooms, but it tastes and smells very similar to regular coffee. Because it uses less coffee beans, it also contains less caffeine. One small cup of mushroom coffee normally contains about 40-50mg of caffeine, which is about half less than regular coffee. Therefore the mushroom coffee is the great choice for consumers who are looking for decaf options.

Various mushrooms are used for coffee blends, but normally medicinal mushrooms are used, such as Chaga, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, and Reishi. Those mushrooms are dried first, and then get into the extract process to take out all the good ingredients and properties from them. The extract is blended into a soft powder and finally mixed with coffee beans. 

These medicinal mushrooms offer various benefits for both physical and mental health.





Reduced side-effects from caffeine

Caffeine causes shakiness, insomnia, dehydration, dependency etc. Mushroom coffees have much less caffeine as mentioned, which will significantly reduce the side-effects of drinking coffee.


Boost Immune System

Various medicinal mushrooms have been used to enhance our immune system for thousands of years. In East Asia, mushrooms have been used as the main ingredient to make medicines for centuries, and ancient Greeks believed that mushrooms give strength to warriors. The study shows that turkey tail contains immune activating properties.


Reduce anxiety and stress

Have you experienced that after drinking coffee, your heart starts to beat so fast and you become very anxious? Mushroom coffee brings you the exact opposite effect. The mushrooms used to make mushroom coffee have properties that help your body to adjust to the exterior challenges and adapt to stress, which reduces anxiety.


May help a cancer prevention

Medicinal mushrooms are known to be a great supplement for cancer patients, and are being actively studied by scientists. The study indicates that Chaga mushrooms may be a beneficial complementary medicine for breast cancer patients.

Although mushroom coffees are safe and bring more benefits to you, many mushrooms used for mushroom coffee are used for medicinal purposes, therefore it may not be the one for everybody. Always make sure that you are safe to consume those mushrooms. If you are interested in having less caffeine with more health benefits while having the joy of having a cup of coffee in the morning, mushroom coffees would be a great alternative for your morning routine.


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