Heimtextil 2022/23 Trend Forecast “Next Horizons” | A Circular Mindset



Heimtextil 2022/2023 design-trend forecast “Next Horizons” sets the benchmark for sustainable practices in the home textile sector high. The trends are based around a mindset that embraces circularity and longevity and generates dialogues between past, present, and future generations. Luxiders introduces you to the Next Horizons Trends.


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Heimtextil returns with their “Next Horizons” design-trend forecast for the new season 2022/2023. The forecast is the result of a collaboration between the Heimtextil Trend Council and international trend researchers and offers valuable inspiration and inspiring content. What became most clear is: the future of home textiles is sustainable. Caring for the environment is gradually transitioning from being a choice into a matter of course.

The Next Horizons trend forecast is based on a new mindset, which embraces circularity and long-term thinking. In the past, Heimtextil approached sustainability by addressing issues within their manufactured system. However, they came to acknowledge that only a system, which does not create waste and embeds economic practices within nature is a viable and acceptable long-term solution. Luxiders introduces you to the Next Horizons Trends, which are now also available in a digital format.

And for everyone, who cannot get enough inspiration and craves for encountering new “offline” products and business contacts: The next international home textile and interior design Heimtextil fair, will take place between 11 – 14. January 2022 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.  




Over the years we have been recklessly producing, consuming, and polluting, whereby we took endlessly from nature without giving anything in return until we ultimately disrupted natures balance. Now it is up to us to rebalance it, by adjusting and reconnecting to nature’s structures. This process involves using natural and biodegradable fabrics, harmonious, calm, herbal colour shades and resources, which are essential to a circular system. We need to relearn how to access, use and recirculate nature’s assets. Deep nature is about integrating nature’s ecosystem strategies into modern structures.





The motto of the Hyper Nature trend is “reconnecting with nature via technology”. We are living in a world in which digital realities merge with offline realities into one. Even if this might appear bizarre for some of us, at a closer look it does not only attract younger audiences but also opens new possibilities to connect with nature, in order to find new ways to equally gain from and give nature. For instance, technologies allow printing companies to develop sustainable alternatives that are in tune with nature. Besides, technologies enable us to render specific light waves visible to the human eye. For instance, blue, red and ultraviolet light can be used to enhance plant growth and reduce the use of pesticides up to 50%. Therefore, the Hyper Nature trend allows for bright and lucid colours with blurred nuances of green and grey.





Sustainability does not have to be bland. Future generations will certainly make noise in the pursuit of wanting to be heard and redefining norms, thereby conveying hopefulness and positivity regarding the future. In terms of home interiors and textiles, this is represented in puff and pastel-coloured looks. The Beyond Identity trend is suited for a young, communicative audience. It is about confident expression and transformation of identity, and perception of colours.





This trend is all about promoting sustainable cultural connections to generate collaboratively new inspirations for artisans. This trend uses heritage as part of design activism to create positive social change. In the field of home textiles, this means expressing one’s curiosity and experimenting, while using traditional handcrafts, that reach from practices, such as tufting, over embroidered appliqué to cross-stitch on primary colours that are accompanied by a dash of greyed lilac and coral. These practices facilitate connecting with the past while forming the future.


Photo Credits :  Spott for Heimtextil

+  Words: 
Lissy Reichenbach
Luxiders Magazine