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Burberry is one of the brands leading the ranking "Top Sustainable Luxury Fashion Brands 2022". Luxiders analyzes the impact of their business, products, social actions and cultural actions during last year. 

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Burberry wanted to become carbon neutral in its own operations by 2022. They will become climate positive by 2040. It’s a promise that they will go beyond Net-Zero. This will lead to cleaner air, thriving biodiversity and protection of those most vulnerable to climate change. They aim to reduce emissions across by 46% by 2030. They currently source 68% of the electricity used for their offices, stores, warehouses, and internal manufacturing from renewable sources. In the 2019-2020 season, the company achieved 90% renewable electricity across their global footprint. Their aim is to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2022. Burberry is partnering with Canopy, a NGO that works to protect the world’s forests, species, and climate; and is a founding signatory in The Global Climate Action formed by the UN. It is also a member of RE100, a project for businesses committed to 100% renewable energy. Besides Burberry is a member of The Fashion Pact and partner in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s initiative to make fashion circular. They have already integrated some reuse, repair, donate or recycle strategies of unsaleable products, and their aim is to expand these actions further.



At this moment, Burberry has an ECONYL collection, has introduced a bio-based nylon, and a polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. Burberry works with partners like the Better Cotton Initiative and Textile Exchange while examining options like organic and regenerative cotton. To finish, the brand has launched ‘ReBurberry Edit’, comprised of 26 styles from its Spring 2020 collection that are crafted from sustainable materials. By 2025, Burberry ensures all key materials will be 100% traceable, supported by the use of certified materials where the country of origin is verified and disclosed. They will source 100% certified recycled nylon, recycled polyester, wool and organic cotton by 2025. They will source 100% of their leather from certified tanneries by 2022 with environmental, traceability and social compliance certificates. Excess fabric created during product development is donated to a women-led, non-profit fashion cooperative that provides employment opportunities to disadvantaged people.



Every two years, Burberry conducts a Human Rights Impact Assessment of their operations and activities and those of our extended supply chain to identify and address potential risks. 



Burberry is donating to youth charities across the world to empower the voices that will shape our tomorrow. With Marcus Rashford MBE, the company supports the UK’s youth, give back and nurture the next generation. In London, Burberry is working with London Youth, which supports a network of over 600 community youth organizations and creates thousands of engaging opportunities for young people each year. Fifteen youth centres jointly selected by Burberry and London Youth will receive grants to ensure their programes can continue to make a positive impact in some of London's most deprived communities. In Manchester, Burberry is supporting Norbrook Youth Club and Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre. In New York, Burberry is contributing to Wide Rainbow, a non-profit providing access to the arts and arts education in neighbourhoods across the United States with little to no resources.

To further, Burberry is partnering with the International Youth Foundation to contribute to the Global Youth Resiliency Fund. This will enable young entrepreneurs and community leaders, especially in Asia, to develop solutions to challenges including closing nutrition gaps and unlocking access to livelihoods. Burberry also supports UK Black Pride and is long-term charity partner of the Albert Kennedy Trust, the national LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity. They are also member of Stonewall’s Global Diversity Champions programme, working with them to support LGBTQ+ initiatives around the world.


(*) All the data used for this ranking  has been extracted from an exhaustive study of all the corporate information shared by the brand.


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