ITS Contest 2022 | Winners of the Ark of Creativity




On September 10, the 20th edition of the ITS contest brought to the world a new generation of talents. The participants shone for their creative ideas focused on transmitting socially responsible and innovative messages. Let's meet the winners.


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The ITS Contest is an award aimed at emerging designers who want to promote their talent, increase career opportunities and unleash their ideas to the world. For this reason, this year, ITS created "The Ark of Creativity", a competition dedicated to find minds with an original and different vision of contemporary fashion. Which also works for designers as an experience to develop their skills.

Along the way, people were discovered with great potential, ready to share their perspectives. Some of the participants created their projects under the influence of post-COVID sensations, family stories and sexual freedom. Several of the winners worth mentioning and not to be missed were: 



This Belgian designer, after the effects of the pandemic, like many others, managed to analyze and find individual meaning in clothing. Her creative, fun and unexpected collection allow people to explore a part of clothing that can be found in isolation as synonymous with vibrant colors and extravagant textures. Lili's collection shows how in difficult moments we can find things that motivate us. 



This British designer won for the most creative, innovative and socially conscious final project. He created a collection that adjusts and adapts to different climates, guided by research on the native Inuit tribes of Canada and Alaska. His pieces demonstrate how it is possible to create synergy between the old and new world, taking into account knowledge from the past to create modern styles for the future. These garments attempt to protect consumers against climate change. 



We all think about creating sustainable garments, but what about textiles and materials that already exist and are discarded? Well, this Ukrainian designer brings us the solution. Dymitro was the winner of an internship in an Italian company, thanks to his incredible idea about using old shoe silhouettes to create new ones from scratch. Using pieces from famous shoe brands for his collection, Dymitro promotes material recycling.  


The world of bags enchants everyone and what better way to modernize than with new technologies? This French designer won a prize from the Italian National Chamber of Fashion for creating a futuristic collection of bags. Through sophisticated designs, Victor captured a timeless aesthetic in these accessories, combining digital development and craftsmanship.



 She created a collection that brings together time with garments value. This shows the power of timeless designs, making her the winner of the ITS Special Mention by Vogue Italia. Her work is able to question the dilemma in fashion indutry about how the measurement of time is constantly an element that determines the woth of clothing and if it is really necessary to keep it in mind. 



Her collection stood out for using bioplastics in her collection. Reflecting the new era of couture and sustainable fashion. She also was capable to create her unique pieces in her kitchen to tell a futuristic and innovative story. Making her winner of the ITS Media award.

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During the pandemic this british designer analyzed how humans percieve each other by interacting and how that changed with the lockdown. Whith her project she exhibits new ideas of individuality and perceptions about ourselves, by elaborating eyepiece accessories from acetates. 


Finally, the competition ended when the awards were given to the participants who managed to impress the jury with their narratives, environmental ideas and socially responsible projects. The institution celebrated with great joy its 20th anniversary, by pushing new designers into this world next to their family, friends, partners and sponsors.

Take a look at the other projects from winners we would like to highlight.


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Regina Berndt
Luxiders Magazine