La Panthère Fragrance | Cartier’s New Perfume



British actress Vanessa Kirby has been appointed as the ambassador for Cartier's new perfume, watch, and jewellery campaigns. She kicked off her role with a debut dedicated to La Panthère Fragrance.


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Similar to Cartier's iconic animal, Vanessa Kirby is a determined individual who follows her own path. As a free spirit, she shares the panther's desire for independence. Vanessa Kirby is also recognized for her philanthropic commitments and believes it is essential to remain authentic and confident. 

She quotes, "A panther never changes its spots." The wild and untameable panther is captivating, and its destiny is linked with Cartier's creative spirit and temperament. Louis Cartier even gave Jeanne Toussaint the nickname "La Panthère" as she brought the image to life in 1948, envisioning it in three dimensions for the first time.


The film aims to capture the irresistible olfactory power of La Panthère de Cartier's sillage. The fragrance was created in 2014, bringing the chypre family back into the spotlight with a new floral-feline accord. Mathilde Laurent, the Maison's perfumer, desired the union of a historic chypre, a mythical animal musk, and a fresh, vibrant gardenia.

Cartier returns to the origins of its beloved animal in this introductory tale, led by Vanessa Kirby, through the heart of a tropical forest where it all began. Kirby emerges from within this lush and abundant hidden land, full of life and beauty. Guided by instinct alone, she transforms into her alter ego, a feline, a reflection of her personality, both predatory and protective.



“Every woman has a feline side and every flower has a hidden animal essence” - Mathilde Laurent.




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