Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia SS22 | Sustainability and Innovation



Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia returned with a substantial focus on sustainability. Over the course of the week, more than 70 designers showcased their Spring Summer 2022 collections, whether digitally or on the runway. Here, we have chosen our favourite sustainable designers to showcase.


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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia concluded on the 23rd of October, after over 70 designers presented their Spring Summer 2022 collections. We have narrowed down our favourite designers, who have a fusion of creativity and sustainability at their core.



Embracing innovation, RigRaiser brought sustainability to the forefront for their Spring Summer 2022 collection. Abandoning trends, they made use of natural colours to dominate the catwalk, asserting the value of fusing fashion with nature. Decorating their standard shaped patterns with unique materials, RigRaiser made use of upcycled and high-quality second-hand garments to reduce waste and promote innovation and craftsmanship.



VINA, much like RigRaiser, made use of pre-loved garments donated to them for their collection. The pieces in this collection marry a variety of fabrics, creating stylish and experimental looks. The use of deconstructed shirts, ties and denims maintained a blue hue that ran throughout – often accessorised with micro-bags and necklaces. The collection also contained whimsical floral pieces that offered a refreshing pink hue to the runway, contrasting the blues. 



Vintage styles were seen commanding the BLCV catwalk, with deconstructed denim elements occasionally tied in with silk touches and wide leg trousers. These upcycled garments made with production waste complemented one another beautifully. BLCV garments were decorated with thought, and expertly accessorised with chic sunglasses, uniting trendy fashion with sustainability. 



The Spring Summer 2022 collection Jenesaq showcased brilliantly made use of natural materials (namely eucalyptus fibres and natural silk) and eco-friendly dyes to create a mesmerising set of garments. The combination of fitted catsuits in delicate surrealist prints and oversized bags with bold colours was awe-inspiring. The shining fabrics created a glowing effect on the runway that paired well with the stylish flare cuts and dreamy colours.



Highlighting the beauty of the natural world, specifically in the North of Russia, Sasha Gapanovich revealed a textured and earthy collection for Spring Summer 2022. Replicating the environment itself, the pieces echo the varying textures and shades of the Far North, with woollen trousers, shimmering garments, and tulle skirts. The variety and craftsmanship in these pieces are both clever and environmentally conscious. 



The original collection Gerda Irene exhibited felt truly one-of-a-kind, which the pieces predominantly are. The use of second-hand vintage fabrics ensured the collection was ultimately sustainable, which resonated with the concept of the collection being reincarnation. Monochromatic tones and neutrals aroused a feeling of nostalgia surrounding the collection, which was scattered with unique embroidery and appliqués.



The long, flowing silhouettes of The Garden Blooming collection presented by Maison Kaleidoscope are the epitome of Spring Summer 2022 fashion. The pastel colours complemented with matching head wraps brought a trendy flair, and the floral patterns emphasise harmony between humans and nature. This clothing brand uses high quality materials and is 100% handmade, both sustainable and charming.



The dark shades of N.Legenda’s Spring Summer collection are powerful and eye-catching. The oversized and loose shapes of the minimalistic suits are functional and stylish, occasionally decorated with silver details that add interest and shine. The addition of metal adds a rough edge to this already smart and fashionable collection.



The bold blues and corals of Marfa Fedorova’s collection bring a light to the practical and cohesive pieces. This chic street style collection was once again playful with textures and colours, something the brand is known for. The pieces feel both vibrant and wearable. 



The transformational items of Yana Besfamilnaya’s collection prove that travel can be both stylish and practical. The emphasis on pockets and comfort does not take away from the glamorous ‘travelling in style’ look these garments promote. This conscious brand produces small collections without using animal leather or fur – fashion without the high environmental cost.



ZA_ZA’s Spring Summer 2022 collection encapsulates the feeling of spring in its variety of hues and prints. The whimsical and expertly crafted outfits replicate flowers and insects in shape, enhancing the feeling of connection to the earth from which we all sprout. The pieces are experimental in every sense and echo the need to reconnect with earth.



Making use of both heritage hand-making and emerging artificial intelligence technology, the spring-summer collection Agatha Ænter exhibited was filled with woollen layering and shapely dresses. Containing both womenswear and menswear, this collection didn’t shy away from distinctive accessories - specifically in the way of headgear and bags. The colour palette worked cohesively, thus creating a spectacular show.



Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s life and works, K Titova’s collection is titled A Room of One’s Own. The floral bursts and the nods to the sea reminisce on Woolf’s life, all while starring fashionable bold knitwear and structured dresses. The pioneering connection between literature and fashion makes K Titova’s Spring Summer 2022 collection stand out. 



Transparent and ethical clothing brand Christoph Ritter Studio marries glamour with nature in their collection known as The Launch. The brand maintains sustainability by making garments from second-hand fabrics and recycled ocean plastics, and this is evident in the futuristic style of the clothing as much as the textiles. 



Seeking to create a genderless space, Juan De la Paz presented a sustainable and colourful collection for Spring Summer 2022. Promoting fair trade, slow fashion, and supporting artisan communities, the brand expertly uses colour, fringing and layering to pull off their contemporary designs. 



ABZAEVA took the runway with their monochromatic collection for Spring Summer 2022, showcasing an ethereal set of garments. The shades and shapes on the runway felt transcendental, with their lunar shades and voluminous sleeves. The collection, named Wind Blows, links the human and the mystic in concept as it does the digital and the natural in design. 



Digital collections were also presented at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. This meant that rather than being shown physical garments, digital garments were modelled in a variety of creative ways and shown to audiences through video and photograph format. Here, we show you some of our favourite digital collections.



The digital collection presented by Nastya Nekrasova was both thought-provoking and sustainable. The focus on mental health and the inner self is reflected in the name of the collection Me And Somebody Else. The brand uses pairs of sheep in their designs, and the garments are made from reused textiles of a high quality.



Valentins, in their digital augmented reality collection, present garments resembling butterflies in front of a city backdrop. The collection, named The Butterfly Effect, depicts the colliding worlds of nature and the cityscape. Centring nature in such an environment is powerful, and sustainability is reflected through both the brand's ethos and the colourful and shapely garments. 



The spring-summer 2022 collection Kreamonz showcased was a celebration of the end of lockdown due to COVID-19. The digital collection was filled with club style outfits, metallic and neon colours, and voluminous sleeves. The futuristic vibe Kreamonz highlighted was brought about by the idea of partying in a post-pandemic world.



In order to depict thoughts about a different kind of future for humanity, the head to toe looks showcased by Lucas Leão appeared casual yet exceptional. The muted tones and puffer styles throughout made the digital collection feel like innovation within our grasp. The predominantly modest cuts and knotted jackets are highlights from this collection.



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Emma Dahl
Luxiders Magazine