Neonyt Will Offer In Frankfurt A Full Sustainable Experience For Professionals And Consumers



Neonyt Lab is hosting the event of the year for sustainable fashion lovers. You don't want to miss this community event, uniting customers, brands, industry insiders, and designers. The date is in Frankfurt, from 24-26 June 2022.


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Neonyt Lab is uniting customers and professionals in the world of fashion in their progressive and disruptive event in Frankfurt this summer. At the Union Halle event location in Frankfurt’ Ostend district, brands and visitors will gather. Able to curate their own experience, visitors can attend panel talks, conferences, and showcases, get a sneak peek of new sustainable collections, and shop ethical fashion directly in the marketplace. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your sustainable fashion desires.

With this year’s key topic "New Patterns", Neonyt Lab is an opportunity for slow fashion lovers to network and learn from each other. With buyers, designers, industry insiders, and customers all in one place - the possibilities are endless. Everybody can build their personal experience by choosing which events they want to attend. So, they can experience the new wave of sustainability firsthand, surrounded by people who share the same passion for fair fashion.



"New Patterns is just the right slogan for this edition because we want to look ahead, try something new, focus on the unknown and rethink learned patterns".” - Bettina Bär, Show Director of Neonyt.




Neonyt Lab gives creatives a platform to expand the possibilities of slow fashion and celebrate the change in the fashion landscape as we shift into a more eco-conscious society. Learned patterns will be replaced with new and innovative ways to prioritise our earth in our clothing. The Eco-Fashion event, now opened also to the public, will take place in collaboration with Greenstyle. This marketplace will give people the chance to see new collections and purchase eco-friendly items directly. Instead of browsing new collections on internet, customers will be able to see new releases and appreciate the craftsmanship firsthand.

The collaboration with Greenstyle makes the event even more exciting. They are a hub of all things slow fashion, a network of sustainable and forward-thinking fashion events - hosting fairs and conferences in Munich, Bolzano, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.



"We can’ not wait to be a part of Neonyt with our format. It’ is a real win-win for the industry that Neonyt is opening itself up to end consumers in June 2022 and contributing its innovative ideas to help transform consumer behaviour and the textile industry",” says Mirjam Smend, CEO and founder of the Greenstyle Munich Fair and Conference.



Tapping into consumer behaviour and inspiring people to change how they shop is hugely important for the future of fashion. Whilst brands and cooperations have a responsibility to commit to sustainability, the consumer plays a huge part in the supply and demand of fast fashion. Changing our ways as consumers sends a message to fashion brands, encouraging CEOs to adapt business models to prioritise people and the planet. Neonyt Lab will ignite a fire under the bellies of its visitors, inspiring attendees to commit to a sustainable wardrobe. 

The conference FashionSustain will present original and creative solutions to change how participants view fashion, inspiring long-term change. To further support attendees in their slow fashion journey, the showcases will explain the different textile standards and certifications, educating visitors on what is and isn’t sustainable. In addition, the Pre-Peek unveils upcoming trends in the industry to content creators - giving them the chance to elevate their output to educate and inspire their followers with exclusive insight. 

From the 24th-26th of June, visit Neonyt Lab’s event in Frankfurt for your slow fashion fix. Luxiders Magazine will be covering the events. See you there? 


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Florenne Earle Ledger
Luxiders Magazine