Second Hand Culture for the Fashion Industry



It is time to learn about the culture of secondhand fashion. This is a tool for everyone that can reduce consumer waste and demand, an important step in changing the course of the fashion industry into sustainability. Look at the best tips for becoming part of the experience!

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Last month several people spread #secondhandseptember a campaign that promoted secondhand tips and shopping habits beneficial to the fashion industry. With the aim of protecting the environment, the activity invited people to take care of clothes and extend their life cycle. This initiative, created by Oxfam International, worked to highlight the harms of fast fashion and clothing production, to push people towards a change in their lifestyle. 

Around 26,500 people were part of the campaign, which means that thousands of people have decided not to consume new clothes and change their style towards sustainability. This was an opportunity that inspired many to fight against the climate crisis and poverty. The secondhand movement represented the way to be better to people and the planet.


This dynamic is only one of many sustainable proposals around the world that allow people to participate in the second hand culture. There are always new ways of buying, using and disposing of our clothes. Some of these in which people could participate are by buying second-hand, repeating outfits, selling used clothes, exchanging garments, repairing damaged pieces, donating clothes to charity centers, recycling in specialized centers, upcycling, etc. 

But what if you haven't done anything so far? It doesn't matter! The best part of secondhand clothing and slow fashion is that we can all practice it at any time. That is why we bring you top online platforms for a secondhand lifestyle:


If you like luxury fashion, this website is for you. The Real Real is dedicated to resale and extend the life cycle of luxury items. Their vision is to create a community around a circular economy, where the buyers and sellers can make sustainable and conscious investments. Here you would be able to find iconic brands at affordable prices, so you can upgrade your consumption habits. 



This platform founded in 2014, gives the customers the chance to  buy, sell, and trade luxury accessories. Rebag, for everyone, is the right choice for sustainable resale and purchase because it represents a way to make smarter decisions. Also the portfolio includes a wide range of handbags, fine jewelry, watches, etc. which increases the access to the luxury goods market.


The company is known as the rental revolution! Instead of buying second handed items you have the opportunity to rent them. The system consists in discovering, renting and returning different pieces. Hurr in some cases offer the option to buy the items and keep them forever. Be sure to look out for all the options because you can not only rent clothes and accessories but you can put on display some of your own and earn some money. 


This website, by having an online marketplace, boosts luxury fashion into a circular future. There are up to 70% of top brands in clothing and accessories at really reasonable prices so it is easier for the fashion lovers to start a sustainable journey. With Tradesy you also have the option to sell online, they have a team of luxury experts authenticators to give or receive  good quality items.  


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Regina Berndt
Luxiders Magazine