Fashion Editorial * You are not alone


Your breath,

a synesthetic concert,

composing my unexpected behaviour.


Your hug,

bringing the dead dreams to life.

Encompassing, captivating my loneliness...


They were right when they said: you are not alone!




 This project has been supported by Momad

Klaudia wears Eco kimono Sky by AVASAN. Made from Spanish stock textiles, it has been hand painted by the illustrator ARACELI GARCIA ILLUSTRATION. Trousers by SUSANA ÁLVAREZ, sustainable designer offering high quality, timeless garments, with an avant-garde touch.


Pilar wears dress by IREMA. It is 100% Tencel, a cellulose fiber very respectful with the environment. The bag from L'AUTRE SAC is made out of recyclable paper. This is an excellent cruelty-free solution. Both products are available at THE CIRCULAR PROJECTSandals are from STAR LOVE, handmade in Spain with organic materials through artisan techniques.


Klaudia wears wild silk jumpsuit with embedded Swarovski crystals by ethical fashion brand INES DE LA CALZADA. The clunch Silene by ARACELI GARCIA ILLUSTRATION, digitally printed over 100% cotton canvas fabric. 

Pilar wears silk Mini-kimono from collection Sky Moon by AVASAN. The fabric comes from Spanish stock textiles, illustrated by ARACELI GARCIA ILLUSTRATION.

Pilar wears dress Rapsodía Victoriana  by ABISSI. It is an unique piece made of antibacterial cotton for people with skin allergy problems and with a zero waste pattern designed with fabrics of a old male suit. The vegan bag Hybrid is from CANUSSA. This high resistant fabric looks like natural leather and offers an option to those who prefer not to wear leather. Lining is made of Recover upcycled textile, a wicking, breathable and quick-dry blend of plastic bottles. Both products are available at THE CIRCULAR PROJECT.


Fairmined ecological silver earrings bathed in black gold by NEHCAA JEWELRY.


Total look by ethical fashion brand  SUSANA ÁLVAREZ. The jacket is made of merino wool. 


Total look by SYLVIA CALVO BCN, made from recycled coffee sacks and organic cotton. Shoes are from ethical fashion label from STAR LOVE, handmade in Spain with organic materials.


All the labels featured in this Fashion Editorial have a commitment to sustainability and a common desire: ethics and aesthetics to co-exist within the modern fashion world.


Creative Direction & Production LUXIDERS
Photography SERA ZELVA
Models KLAUDIA G @francinamodels  / PILAR SARRIÓN @trendmodels
Photo Retouching @_alphaestudio