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Left: Richard wears Blue trousers by MINI RODINI, not only fun to wear or just look at, but also produced in a way that is kinder to the environment and the people behind it. The vintage jacket Pierre Cardin and the vintage shirt are both from TROLLBY KARIERTES. Right: Hannah wears selfmade Strickpulli. 

Richard wears vintage Band T-shirt, trousers by MINI RODINI and black jacket by LITTLE MAN HAPPY, a company focused on organic kids fashion producing xclusively in Portugal and Poland to guarantee highest quality and compliance with ethical guidelines. Stine wears fluffy dress and cap by LITTLE MAN HAPPY. Gian wears second hand jeans from TROLLBY, GOTS certified t-shirt by LITTLE LABEL and vintage leather jacket by TROLLBY.


Left: Felix wears pullover by MINI RODINI and second hand trousers Burberry by TROLLBY. Right: Sine wears vintage t-shirt COS, jacket by MINI RODINI and skirt by LITTLE MAN HAPPY.


Girls wear LITTLE MAN HAPPY. Hannah also wears tull skirt by KINGDOM OF ORIGIN, a brand committed to providing a sustainable and ethical alternative to the often wasteful fashion industry. 


Stine wears white shirt Vintage Mexx and second hand jeans by TROLLBY. The pullover is by LITTLE MAN HAPPY. Right: Richard wears vintage band t-shirt, trousers by MINI RODINI and black jacket by LITTLE MAN HAPPY


Left: Gian wears organic t-shirt by LITTLE LABEL, for kids with fashion-conscious moms. The leather vintage jacket is from TROLLBY. Right: Hannah wears vintage Top Garcia and vintage trousers Guess by TROLLBY.


Left: Gian wears danger Sweatpants by LITTLE MAN HAPPY and Strickpulli by KIDS CASE. Right: Hannah wears fluffy dress and socks by LITTLE MAN HAPPY. The tull skirt is by KINGDOM OF ORIGIN.




Richard wears blue trousers by MINI RODINI and vintage shirt & jacket by TROLLBY. Steine wears white vintage shirt and second hand jeans by TROLLBY and sweater by LITTLE MAN HAPPY.


Left: Hannah wears cap by LITTLE MAN HAPPY and vintage blouse Garcia by second hand shop TROLLBY. Right: Giant wears danger Sweatpants by LITTLE MAN HAPPY and pullover by KIDS CASE, with collections produced by methods that are both fair to people and environmentally friendly. Hannah wears vintage band shirt and dress by MONKIND, a family-run kid’s wear brand based in Berlin whose focus is on sleek, minimal design and sustainability. The vintage Sisley jacket is by TROLLBY and socks by LITTLE MAN HAPPY. Annabell wears vintage band shirt, dress by MONKIND and Leo Jacket by MINI RODINI.


Left: Annabell wears shirt by MINI RODINI VINTAGE, jacket by MINI RODINI and tull skirt by KINGDOM OF ORIGIN. Right: Hannah wears jacket and cap by LITTLE MAN HAPPY and vintage blouse and trousers Garcia by TROLLBY.


Left: Annabell wears vintage blouse by TROLLBY and dress by LITTLE LABEL. Right: Richard wears Levis vintage jeans and shirt by TROLLBY and coat by LITTLE MAN HAPPY. Stine wears Nirvana vintage shirt, skirt by LITTLE MAN HAPPY and shirt by MINI RODINI.


All the labels featured in this Fashion Editorial have a commitment to sustainability and a common desire: ethics and aesthetics to co-exist within the modern fashion world.


Photography JENS SCHMIDT 
Casting Models LICHTKIND