Say hello to an eco-friendly October! New Sustainable Wishlist!



Inspired by the most recent public awareness of sustainability and ethical clothing, our aim is to create further awareness of the impacts of the fashion and textiles community. We do it through our monthly wishlists, an ideal world with less waste, reused and recycled clothes. Welcome to our October Sustainable Wishlist!


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BoleroWerk Collection by Vitelli


Why to buy: Vitelli is an Italian knitwear brand entirely made in Italy. Collections derive inspiration from the history of Italian youth culture, stile italiano through the filter of the present. Vitelli is produced by local craftspeople, each knit is hand-looped. Manufacturers are family-owned local factories, independent,  persons with ideas and care for details.  All garments are knitted, looped, printed or embroidered in Schio, knitwear since 1817.


What we love: “Bolerowerk” DIY-style collection was inspired the german Kosmische Musik esthetic and the Italian Arte Cinetica e Programmata, both originated and developed across the 70s. The idea behind the story coincides with the discovery of a box of polaroids in the basement of a small town’s photo shop, along some wooden sculptures inspired by artisanal hippie-market toys. The objects feature optical painted shapes as well as rotating panels to be pinned by hand. The garments consist in a series of hand-machine knitted stripes, hand-looped to cashmere blend “rasato” jumpers and pants; a classic “dolcevita” cashmere sweater embroidered with a “catenella” finishing; two crew-neck jumpers knitted with a steel+wool yarn, shaped by hand on the sleeves.


Price:  395 € - $ 432 USD | Shop it now: Vitelli


XL Shopper by Shine Hamburg


Why to buy:  The classy XL Shopper in a sleek and understated cool design is created by skilled craftsmen. Every bag is made to perfection. The combination of a luxurious German vegetable tanned leather with  the minimalistic design makes it a bag to last forever. It is eco certified, can be fully closed by a zipper or adjustable leather straps. It has an internal functional zip pocket.


What we love: With this bag the story of Shine Hamburg begun... The Shopper was designed for the designer's girlfriend Sylvi who wanted a simple and stylish bag for the office, uncomplicated and easy to wear. A bag that would survive the daily routine, travel, bad weather, bike rides.. Sylvi worked at that time at an advertising agency and when she showed up at the office with her new bag, it became instantly a hit. More bags had to be produced and then another friend came who needed a small laptopbag and the collection gradually grew, based on the wishes of customers. 


Price: 287 € / $ 313 USD  | Shop it now:  Shine Hamburg


Pillows made from vintage garments


Why to buy: At Cate-Brown they seek to show how recycled can be beautiful and without compromising luxury. They also aim to raise awareness of the damage to the planet from textile waste caused by our fast-fashion, throw-away culture and to inform and encourage people to buy better, repurpose and extend the life and journey of their fashion garments. 


What we love: The idea stemmed from wanting to repurpose these gorgeous textiles that might otherwise be discarded or unused due to the high production runs of fashion or some flaw or irregularity. These beautiful fabrics deserve to be enjoyed and celebrated for their fashion heritage, refinement and luxurious design elements. They also combine each garment fabric with a rich elegant deadstock remnant backer textile.

Cate Brown Atelier line includes pillows made from vintage garments of fashion houses such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, YSL and Hermes. 


Price: 200 - 250 € | $225-495 USD | Shop it now: Cate-Brown


Innate x Sherpa hiker


Why to buy: KEEN just introduced the Innate x Sherpa hiker, a very special model developed together with outdoor brand Sherpa Adventure Gear to help children in need. Both companies share common values and pave the way for a better future through selected projects. For every pair sold, 15 euros will be donated to the global non-profit organization Room to Read to support the literacy and gender equality in education of children in Nepal. With just three pairs of Innate x Sherpa shoes sold, reading and writing lessons for one child can be guaranteed for one year, and 24 pairs can finance one year at a secondary school. The ambitious goal: To give 1,000 Nepalese children lessons for one year.


What we love: Featuring a distinctive endless knot embossed into the upper and subtle signature Nepalese flag detail to the lacing, this stylish boot pays homage to the Sherpa climbers and unsung heroes of the Himalayas. Constructed in premium, environmentally preferred Better Leather from a Leather Working Group (LWG) tannery, a PFC free Durable Water Repellent system and featuring Eco Odor Control, the KEEN Innate x Sherpa looks good, feels good and does good.


Price:  159.95 € - $ 160 USD  |  Shop it now: KEEN Footwear


Eco-stylish t-shirts by Das Matia


Why to buy: Das Matia is an innovative concept combining sustainable fashion design with self-empowerment for women. They create customized GOTS and Fair Trade certified organic cotton sweaters and t-shirts embroidered with GOTS and Fair Trade certified organic cotton thread.  You choose the message that best describes your ineffable essence and they embroider it on your behalf. And here comes the surprise: they are an ethical and responsible fashion brand, so they adorn their creations with mix and match embroidered labels that you can interchange while wearing the same t-shirt or sweater! How amazing is that?! Das Matia believes they are not victims of our contexts but designers of our realities. 


What we love: Who said that fashion and self-development can't go together? Once you invest in a Das Matia creation you become part of an online community of women working on specific goals they want to achieve. From setting up your online business to leading a more sustainable lifestyle and becoming healthier, you are supported though a monthly Free group coaching call. In addition to that, 3% of their profits are reinvested in NGOs supporting women rights in Romania. Das Matia is all about contributing and supporting women to become their authentic self! Das Matia stands for your greatness.


Price: starting from 42 € -$ 46 USD |  Shop it now: DAS MATIA


Artyfactos Accessories


Why to buy: This beautiful, eco-friendly jewelry not only makes you look good but also feel good by doing good. All of the necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in Artyfactos collection are naturally dyed and made from materials such as orange peels, açaí berries, coffee beans and tagua nuts. And every piece is individually handcrafted by female artisans in Colombia, providing a steady income and a continuation of a craft handed down through generations. The company believes that organic, colorful and timeless jewelry line not only adds a splash to any woman’s wardrobe but respect for our planet and income for talented artisans.


What we love: These craftswomen do not work in large, overcrowded factories but in their homes and small shops in Bogota. This allows them to look after and support their families in bad economic times. They work with age-old materials and designs but are constantly creating striking new pieces that stun the eye and embrace the latest fashions. And with the use of natural materials such as orange peels they are, for example, helping to reduce more than 15 million tons of peel waste per year! With deep respect for our planet and our craftswomen, Artyfactos offers fun and conscious collections.


Price:  From 37-100€ - From $40- $110 USD | Shop it now: Artyfactos


Luxiders Magazine Print #3


Why to buy: How to make ethical decisions? In our third issue, we ask some key leaders what is more sustainable and why? Learn about Green Schools and meet some important fashion activists, fair high-jewelry leaders and the biggest players on sustainable denim. Read what is the future, enjoy the art and find your peace in an imaginary desert in Spain or at an eco-resort in Thailand.  Luxiders #3 creatively also interprets the bond between humans and the issue of water as a finite resource, invites you to eat with less carbon footprint, introduces you to the best books on sustainability.


What we love: Luxiders Magazine is the first and only sustainable luxury magazine made of waste (recycled paper). The magazine aspires to expand the responsible consumption worldwide, building a culture of respect, with positive effects on the economy, society and the environment by reducing poverty, hunger, pollution, climate change and inequalities and increasing well-being, justice and peace. Each word, each image, each garment featured has been carefully selected to embrace your soul for the good of our future.

:  12€- $13 USD |  Shop it now: Luxiders Shop