November Gift Guide: Getting ready for Christmas


The reinvention of fashion continues. Each of our daily choices is a vote for the world we want to live in. We all can help by changing where we shop and what we buy. Enjoy our November Gift Guide, with the most beautiful collections used as expressions. Wonderful garments and shoes to keep in our wardrobe and to enjoy for many years, before giving them on our friends or familiar. 



Rose gold circle ring


Why to buy: How much more rewarding is it to know that the piece of jewellery you own has gone some way to encouraging change and supporting the use of ecologically sensitive practices? This 18ct fair-trade rose gold circle ring by Zoe Pool is, without doubts, a wonder. 


What we love: An environmentally and socially responsible approach is an essential tenet of Zoë Pook Jewellery. Zoë is one of a select group of international jewellers to be able to provide customers with gold from Fairtrade community driven mines across the world. People involved in the production of precious stones and metal receive a fair wage, safe working conditions and the industry benefits local communities. All ethical rings by Zoë are made to order in their Sydney studio. Every ring they create is unique. All styles are available in 18ct white, rose or yellow Fairtrade gold, other recycled metals and in a variety of finishes and shapes. 


Price: AUS$ 1,395 - 883 € |  Shop it now: Zoë Pook


Canussa Vegan Urban Backpack


Why to buy: This backpack has an exclusive design that allow you to carry all you need on your day-to-day basis without compromising your modern and chic style. The backpack has been responsibly in Spain by artisans with sustainable fabrics. 


What we love: We love all: the design, the functionality, the responsibly and the sustainable fabrics. We are in love with the exclusive and modern design for a smart casual style, designed to offer you an organized solution for your everyday carry needs. We also really appreciate that this backpack is made by highly skilled artisans in Spain with vegan leather and upcycled textile made from recycled plastic bottles.


Price: $336  - 295€ |  Shop it now: The Circular Project


Stroke Me Scarf


Why to buy: Alabaste Cashmere produces pure cashmere pieces using the finest quality Mongolian cashmere fibre available. Undyed as nature intended or dyed, using non-toxic chemicals, all are expertly knitted and hand-finished by 150 highly-talented and skilled Mongolian artisans into beautifully modern garments for you to treasure. Deliciously soft and comfortable to wear, these key pieces are the perfect sartorial place to start in building a cashmere wardrobe. 


What we love: Almost all of the world's cashmere fibre originates from the Kashmir region (China, India and Mongolia) and then is shipped to be dyed, spun and knitted in locations across the globe. The exception, Alabaste Cashmere is sourced, hand-combed, dyed, spun and knitted in Mongolia. Sustainably sourced by the country’s nomadic herds-people, Alabaste Cashmere ensures that their cashmere is hand-combed from the goats by trained herders only to the safeguard them, as well as those that derive their livelihood from this process. And, very importantly the goats are only combed in Spring when the weather is warmer and their coats are naturally ready to shed. The entire process happens in one region with the final product shipped to wherever it’s end-destination may be, meaning it has a low carbon footprint. 


Price: $295  -258 € |  Shop it now: Alabaste


Ine Poncho


Why to buy: The Ine Poncho is made in Peru, designed in The Netherlands. It is made sustainably from Peruvian yarn: 100% Alpaca. This perfect jersey Poncho is made with 2 levels: front is shorter than the back. It has open sleeves with 3 embroidered buttons to adjust the positions, and a light turtle neck has rib trim at neck. This comfy piece is created in jersey technique made in artisan machine.

The elegant Ine Poncho is one of the designs from “Life” Collection, the first seasonless collection of Graciela Huam brand. A collection inspired in the baby’s birth. A euphoric experience. At that moment, they are pallid but full of energy because they have made the effort to leave the belly… they express strong chromatic colors reflexed in this collection.


What we love: The design started from a yarn to a piece of knitted poncho. An artisan developer took 2 days to develop this asymmetric and oversized Poncho as sample through artisan machine. You can find this design in 2 colours: Baby Green and Grizzly grey. Perfect to mix with high jeans and trousers!


Price: $249 USD / 219 € |  Shop it now: Graciela Huam


Independent vegan Sneakers


Why to buy: Ontems is quickly becoming the vegan sneaker favorite, breaking industry conventions along the way. They are an independent brand that designs unisex, handcrafted sneakers, using natural and organic materials. With a deep rooted environmental commitment they’ve brought quality, well designed, animal-free footwear into the spotlight.


What we love: This young brand brings us beautiful, minimal, comfortable sneakers with a fresh aesthetic, handcrafted in Portugal. Their dedication to develop a rich dialogue around sustainable design and production using footwear as a vehicle for this change is inspiring.


Price: $172 - 150 € |  Shop it now: Ontems