How Are Top Sustainable Influencers Living The #Stayhome Situation



People all over the world have been asked by authorities to spend as much time as they can at home and to go out as little as possible. Simple, daily actions such as going to work and grocery shopping have become risky and the same goes for social situations. Humans are social animals and social distancing is very counterintuitive to us.


Many of us thrive whenever we have set routine and that often includes going out, seeing friends and getting ready in the morning for work or school. When a routine is abruptly interrupted by external factors one can have a hard time being happy and productive. Especially right-now social media can be a great place where to connect with others and get some inspo from likeminded individuals. Here there are 10 sustainable influencers who may give you some ideas on how to navigate this complex situation or just provide you with the highly-curated and high-quality distraction you need in these lonely and frightful times.    




Noa Ben-Moshe is an award-winning vegan, ethical and sustainable content creator from Tel Aviv, a city as sunny as her personality. She mainly posts about eco-fashion and her content is high-quality, informative and uplifting. In these chaotic and scary times, she encourages her followers to see the silver lining: “it’s the first time I’ve seen such unity in our world. It feels like people care more about each other.” Social distancing may have brought us closer together and made us realized what’s truly important. “It made me feel so much more grateful for things I had and didn’t pay much attention to. It made me realize how FORTUNATE we are to have had what used to be my, and our, reality.” Hopefully when the virus will be nothing but a sad memory and no longer a scary reality, humankind will have learned to embrace its compassionate and kind side.



Her social media are the go-to places for plant based recipes, self-love and minimalism related content. If you want to see normal, relaxing posts during this lock-down her Instagram will provide just that. From her home in Cornwall she reminds us to relax and take care of ourselves and to remember that our mental health is just as important as our physical health. In her own words: “the weight of the world is on everyone’s shoulders right now, so remember to take some time out for you to be normal, grateful and kind to yourself.” If you are having a hard time relaxing the pictures and videos of her adorable rescue dog Roxie will for sure help, at least just a little bit.




Aalborg-based Gittemary Johansen is a lecturer and youtuber. On social media she talks about all things sustainability with a focus on zero-waste and second-hand shopping. Seeing her vegan home-made baked goods on the Instagram feed is always a mood-buster, but even more now when many of us are also making a lot of sweet treats at home. Just like her we may have experienced some difficulties living zero waste these days, but as she says: “just because we cannot do it perfectly does not mean we shouldn’t try at all.” Little actions, as always, matter and even something as little as keeping baked goods in glass jars instead of a plastic bags, as she does, can make a difference.



Immy Lucas is a Climate activist and a content creator who founded the Low Impact Movement. On her Instagram you will find beautiful pictures and inspiring captions about zero waste, ethical fashion, outdoors adventures and her curly hair journey. Immy is very mindful of the brands she supports and during this time she encourages others to support their local businesses: “If you’re in a position to do so, please continue to support your local businesses. Whether that’s a take away, buying bottles of wine and beer to take away from pubs, zero waste shops and so on. Small businesses need us more than ever right now.” Maybe you can support your local library by buying one of the many interesting books that she reads and shares with her followers.



If you are looking for useful and beautiful content about the Capsule Wardrobe system, green beauty and conscious living in general, you should check out Verena Erin’s Instagram account and YouTube channel. During this pandemic she recommends to those who follow her to think of ways they can help or support others, as this virus can be fought and prevented better if we stick together. “While I understand the rush to stockpile goods, which is also made worse by everyone talking about stores selling out, it's important to remember that many of the most vulnerable people aren't able to do that.” If you find yourself with some extra time on your hand in this time of crisis and want to acquire some knowledge to start your slow fashion journey, check out her Quit Fast Fashion ebook.




Evelina Utterdahl is 26-years-old Climate activist from Sweden who has travel all over the world without hurting the planet. On her Instagram account you can find not only lots of gorgeous shots of her sustainable adventures but also very interesting information about human rights, sustainable fashion and environmentalism. In a recent post she promoted some of her favourite small women-owned businesses that could use some help in these difficult times and she encouraged her followers to support them if they can. “For anyone who has the financial situation to help small business owners out, now is a better time than ever.” Being a female business owner isn’t a walk in the park, especially during this pandemic, so they need all of the love they can get now.



NHS Doctor and Climate Activist, Natalie Davies runs an Instagram account and a web site called Zero Waste Doc, which give out what she calls:” environmental sustainability advice for busy people.” In a recent post she advocates for trying something one has been putting off trying while social distancing or quarantined with an emphasis on reusable or packaging free items that one might have hesitated to try before. This is also a great way to financially support small business who may be struggling during this health crisis as she highlights in said post: “Buying and trying a reusable from a small business is also a great way to support them at a time that will be financially trying for little brands.”




Spanish Belgian girl and Londoner at heart Marta talks about vegan and sustainable fashion, clean beauty and ethical living on her Instagram account, YouTube channel and blog. So many people who normally don’t work from home are doing just that at the moment and as someone who is used to that she shares some interesting tips, such as waking up early, trying to stick to a 9-6 routine, getting dressed in the morning and having a 1-hour lunch break. Social media is far from perfect but it can be a good way to relive the stress at the moment. In a recent post wrote about this: “goodness knows Social Media definitely has its flaws but it also has a wonderful way of bringing people together and adding a bit of escapism into your day.”



Stevie’s smiley and sunny Instagram feed will surely bring a smile on your face even on gloomy days. The founder of Yayforearth recently shared a few ways to take care of yourself, not only now, but anytime you need a pick-me-up. Those included eating whole plant based foods, drinking lots of water, calling your loved ones and getting some tech-free alone time to focus on your thoughts and body. She also touched upon this in another post: “Remember that social distancing during this time is really important and perhaps something we can all use anyway! Going inward can yield so many benefits.”



Med student and climate activist Mikaela advocates for inclusive sustainability on her Instagram account. Recently she asked her followers to look after themselves and rest up, so that they are ready to create a better world once all of this is behind us. As she said the climate crisis isn’t going anywhere but now the current crisis should take up some space:” I don’t want to play crisis Olympics. I don’t want to try and compete over what kind of suffering is worse. There’s no competition here. I don’t want to seem like I’m opportunistically using an experience of current suffering to promote issues I care about.” If you want to find out what is eco-fascism listen to the 4th episode of the Yikes Podcast which is hosted by her and the amazing Josephine Becker, also known as @treesnpeace on Instagram.


+ Words: Roberta Fabbrocino

Roberta Fabbrocino is a writer and an environmentalist who loves sharing stories about all things sustainability. She runs @mosclothingsubscription, an eco-friendly personal styling service, and creates content for green brands.

Instagram:  @naturallybree