Tesla – Time Stretched Harmony



It is travel time. This time will be different. The How will determine the Where? Purposefully we want to travel differently. Conscious, calmer. Attributs that we appreciate much of Tesla. Just as we appreciate cultures which are able to put culinary and cultivated landscape in a nutshell. There are few - Tuscany is one of our favorites. Here, here life proceeds at a different pace, you have time. Just like good wine which always has the time on its side. Lets enter a time dilation.


This project has been supported by Tesla.


Asphalt in the city - it glows, the sun is in the zenith. In the distance the light breaks into its spectrum. Everyone is rushing. And so time rushes away from itself. It is a question of perspective as time passes and what happens in it. I press the remote control of my Tesla. The boot lid opens. The ticket for a break.

Yes we would like to go to the moon, but maybe later on. How important is a change of perspective. Away from the old, ingrained code, towards a new departure. Travel in such a diverse pan-European network of cultures. Without emission and a lot of comfort. Stepping into a world that uses resources more efficiently and brings the beauty of nature back to life. Suddenly the quote of Andrea Franchetti, one of the most important Italian winemakers, fell into my mind: "Wine often grows where the beauty of nature does its best." - Tuscany here I come.

So colorful landscapes line up, which reminds me to Claude Monet and in between accents of The Veil Paintings by Damien Hirst. The calm in the ride, only the airstream nestles with the auto body. Now we feel it, time stretches. We are accelerated and decelerated at the same time.

After about 500 kilometers we need to charge the car. A feeling of losing time overcomes me. One hour for a full charge. Emptiness emerges. But immediately a positive stimulus of my state of deceleration enters: A change of perspective, book, time for us. Thank you supercharger.

The further we approach our destination into the south, the more I exchange my western-oriented thinking of a constant optimizing against a lightness of being. I conquer room to my senses. "Super Tuscany", I say and my Tesla S 100D presents "SuperTuscans" on the car display. An excellent idea. The navigation is set.

With our new destination we stretch time again- a direction into past. "Le Memoires du Chateaux", which means something like: The memory of many decades lies in the cellar and can be kissed awake by opening a bottle. The power of wine - no other agrarian product can preserve so much past.

Wine is often just the suffix of a philosophy, always different, characterized by the art of artisanry. Tuscany offers still a handful of great of wine-growers. People, who respectfully care and live in harmony with nature. Our journey takes us to them: Ornellaia, Tenuta di Trinoro, Luce, Castello di Querceto, Riecine and Le Pupille.

And where does the break up remain when the journey is over? Even if the everyday life and the rush of urbanity catch up again, for us the NEW way of traveling will hold the opportunity of deceleration. But much more important is the meta-level: Traveling itself becomes a contribution. Time for a change of perspective.


The journey


Tenuta di Trinoro, Val d’Orcia, Italy

In the vineyards of Tenuta di Trinoro light hills gentle interplay between grain and grapes. Every second of the day has another light that breaks softly through the always slightly open doors of the house. There is energy, always fire, always fire, in the kitchen always a small flame burns. The chilling stone clings to our feet. In the vineyard, the amphora towers over the vineyard. Wine is change. Wine in the magic of symbolic fermentation. His wines Le Cupole and the three varietal Cabernet Francs are pure magic.


Tenuta Luce, Montalcino, Italy

The crickets chirp far out on the hills. Here lies Tenuta Luce with its newly designed wine cellar, stylized by linear accents. Almost as if the sunbeams from the wine cellar extended further on the adjoining vineyards. Light and shadow make a wonderful mosaic. We are all alone. On us seems the wonderful composition of Luce Brunello di Montalcino.


Fattoria Le Pupille, Grosetto, Italy

We arrive at the Fattoria Le Pupille. A cloudy day. But we bathe in the splendor of the gold of the art of Enzo Catellani and the golden typography of our favorite wine of the house, Saffredi.


Ornellaia, Bolgheri, Italy

Our journey takes us through the beautiful landscape towards Bolgheri. Here, wine becomes art and art becomes wine. In the wine cellar enthroned the artwork of Rebecca Horn L'Energia. The artwork itself is pure energy for us, as is the powerful wine Superiore.


Castello di Querceto, Greve, Italy

Our fifth stop: Castello di Querceto. We are surrounded by vineyards in the dense forest. The strong wall of the castle, which at the same time dominates the winery itself, defy the times. The bell on the castle tower sounds. It's time for great Chianti interpretations.


Riecine, Gaiole, Italy

At our last stop flowers greet us along the way. The light breaks through slats in the wine cellar. There is nothing to hide. Clear lines for a clear philosophy: Wine and crafts are directly in line with each other. Biodynamics is the future of this house.



Words & Photos: Jens Wittwer