The Future is Now | Green Product Award 2024 Call For Submission



The global Green Product Award 2024 is calling for designers, companies and start-ups from 14 industries to submit their sustainable products and concepts for next year’s awards. Submissions close on November 7th 2023. 


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The concern for environmental impact and conscious consumption is at the highest it's ever been, and the level of scrutiny that companies and designers are facing is only going to grow. The Green Product Award gives sustainable companies and designers a platform to showcase their creations, offering the tools that allow innovative designs and products to flourish whilst making a positive impact on the planet. Thanks to the German-Dutch architecture firm A01, the best participants of the Award 2024 will be integrated into a European version of the "No Footprint House" that won last year.



With multiple awards to be won in 14 categories, the Green Product Award honours sustainable innovation from a variety of industries. The awards are presented in the categories Architecture, Beauty & Personal Care, Building Components, New Materials, Consumer Goods, Fashion, Freestyle, Interior & Lifestyle, Kids, Kitchen, Mobility, Packaging, Sport and Workspace for the best product of a company, a start-up and the best concept. 

Celebrating sustainable products for over a decade, the Green Product Award is an opportunity for participants to gain global visibility, with 50,000 public votes each year and integration into the Award’s Press Work. As well as public recognition, the experienced jury of experts review each submission, offering individual feedback.  Luxiders Magazine is proud to be a part of 2024.


As a magazine that holds sustainability and innovation at its core, Luxiders Magazine is thrilled to be a juror for next year’s awards as part of its mission to constantly seek visionary designs and concepts.


As part of the Jury, Green Product Award celebrates the collaboration of Leonne Cuppen (Yksi Expo Foundation), Prof. Claus-Christian Eckhardt (Lund University), Prof. Tina Kammer (InteriorPark), Prof. Martin Charter (Centre of Sustainable Design), Mimi Sewalski (, Sebastian Thies (nat-2 / thies 1856®), Julius Wiedemann (DOMESTIKA), Raz Godelink (Parsons School of Design), Katrin de Louw (Trendfilter), and Belvis Soler (Luxiders Magazine & 001 Agency).



Throughout the variety of categories, Green Product Award is honouring sustainable innovation from industries ranging from fashion, sport and architecture. Alongside these categories is Green Concept Award, a competition in cooperation with IKEA Stiftung for visionary concepts, that will be supported with the Green Cells program. Beyond Imagination is the guiding principle here and the special project is the development of a sustainable and affordable capsule collection. Offering workshops, mentorships and more, Beyond Imagination will help to develop the participants’ projects before they have hit the market.

For more information, visit the Green Product Award website here.


+ All Images: © Courtesy Green Product Award

Jemima Patterson
Luxiders Magazine