Why Gothenburg is The Best Sustainable City to Visit



Lonely Planet just named Gothenburg the world’s best sustainable city to visit this year. Sweden's second-largest city has repeatedly received global recognition for its engagement and commitment to green development. For four years in a row, from 2016 until 2019, Gothenburg has been declared the world most sustainable destination by the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDSI).


We understand that Swedes don’t like to boast, but they do have a knack for how to live a good and content life. They consistently placed in the world's top 10 happiest people, and with the lagom—not too much, not too little—way of living, where everything is done in moderation, it seems that they never get stress out. But for one particular city, Gothenburg, they don’t want to do lagom in pursuing green living and perceives sustainability as paramount.

Gothenburg has 95% green certified hotels, 97% of its public transport running on renewable energy, the airport is certified to the highest level of the Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme and numerous restaurants flaunted with ecolabels awards. By 2030 this city has an aspiration for being fossil-independent. No wonder this city also labelled a European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020 by the European Commission.



"Our ambition has been to create a fantastic city to live in, featuring a broad offering and taking both the environment and people into consideration. Many bold, determined, innovative people and organizations contribute towards – and share – our vision for sustainable development." - Katarina Torstensson, Sustainability Officer at Göteborg & Co.


Further, Gothenburg is the first city in the world to issue Green Bonds to accelerate investments in climate-oriented solutions. Throughout its development, the city builds more public parks that exemplify the city's dedication to accessibility. A floating pool is available in Jubileumsparken, where anyone can bathe, suntan on the artificial beach or grow food in the urban garden free of charge.  Not to mention its impressive overwater sauna which the changing rooms were made from 12,000 recycled bottles.

Gothenburg also offers different stores selling second hand and vintage clothes for some guilt-free shopping and where people can rent or loan winter clothes, sports gear, outdoor equipment, and many more. The circular economy grows immensely. This city is also the house of many sustainable fashion brands using toxic-free materials and companies that offer living wages to workers and equality.

We add this city to our list for the Top 10 Most Sustainable Cities in the World


   +  Words: Alvia Zuhadmono, Luxiders Magazine 

Sustainable communication student | Sweden-based writer

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