YnéSuelves: “My Collections Are My Memories”



The fashion designer YneSuelves tells us about all the good memories in her new collection and her most sustainable winks.


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Mother and daughter are united to this dream since they began their journey together. A great project that began to be conceived in their minds since they have the use of reason and all the memories they both keep, are their pure inspiration in all their collections. From the way they wore jewelry, to creating designer collections on their summer vacations.

The spring/summer 2024 collection that Ynésuelves presents this 78th edition of the MBFWM, takes us back to Ynés' childhood in Biarritz, a home that carries the family tradition by flag. Because since his grandfather, they carry the French city in their blood and all the moments lived engraved in their hearts, which have become their inspiration. There, they keep their most beautiful and happiest memories, and it is all the good times lived there that have inspired the entire collection.

But it is also inspired by the sea and the ocean, by the marine world and the beautiful mystery it harbors in its depths. And above all, in our obligation to take care of it and protect it from pollution and plastics that, without realizing it, we waste. That is why he wanted to give so much value and importance to the processes with water to create all his suits, from washing to steam ironing techniques.



How are you doing?

Working as much as possible to have everything very organized for the fashion show, which is the way for me to be calm. And then at the end of the day I dedicate an hour to myself doing sports which keeps me pretty much in line to also be mentally relaxed.


What do you hope the public feels when they see your collection?

Magic, really. It is a collection with a lot of soul and like all my collections everything has a lot of meaning and a lot of symbolism. it is a magic that is difficult to convey with words. and this collection is more inspired by feelings than something physical. and we hope that people can understand that magic that my mother and I try to convey with fashion.


In fact we have entered a room decorated and drawn by mermaid inspiration and very much to the ocean world. What clue can you give us?

The clue is this room. The inspiration is marine. Everything is directed to the sea. As we have talked about, we have focused on the sea and make an appeal to take care of it and take care of the wonderful marine world that we do not realize and the problem that we are destroying it. And as we don't see it we don't realize it and people don't see it as they feel it. So we have created a story to put faces and so the nereids, the good nymphs of the sea and pure souls.


We talked about your hobbies and traditions before parading, what do you like to do before so that it goes well? Do you have lucky charms? 

To think that everything is fine, I always think a lot of my maternal grandfather that we always have very present and we always feel very wrapped by him. We believe that everything comes from him.

Fantasies? Not many. I usually get into a bubble and I don't see anything about fashion or fashion shows or anything.


Tell us a little bit more about your continuum collection, because in an interview with Vanity Fair you said that you don't like to call your presentations collections because for you they are a catalog. Tell me a little more about this concept: what it means to you, what it represents, why you call it that? 

For me, always something that has given me a lot of grief about the collections of a designer, it gives me a lot of trouble how fast the fashion world goes, as you make gigantic collections and they die because it comes another .... and I feel sorry that after the effort, the materials used, etc. because for me whenever I create something I say that my collection my brand is the same collection that is evolving but it is still there and evolving in a way. I like to believe that what I am doing today is useful for the following collections. And I always say that my collection is the same but that it is evolving, making nods to my life.


What nods to your life do your collections make that represent you?

Because I've realized over the years that my inspiration is totally different from the rest of the world because I always go to my memories for inspiration. And all my collections come from my memories. This collection for example, because it's for summer and it's the first collection I'm officially doing, I was inspired by Biarritz. Where I have spent my whole life and it is a collection that winks to my memories of how I have lived them, the things my mother wore, my grandmother, the feelings... it is something very personal.


What sustainable details are we going to be able to pay more attention to? 

I focus on the water in the sea. In making people very aware of the use of clothes. The big production, how to wash it... there are many acts that people don't realize and I want to teach to improve marine life. i want to focus on the sea. because for example nobody knows that polyester has some particles that when they are washed are microplastics that go to the sea. and I want to raise awareness on that to help do things that pollution is not only the plastic bag, but also more things. And help people to buy really good things.


What does the rose mean? 

My mother has always painted everywhere. And when I'm overwhelmed I always look for my mother's drawings and I would find her. And for me it's magic. So one day we put it on the denim. And to me it's amazing because she's not cheesy, she's strong, she's powerful, she has spikes and she's not tacky... we saw ourselves represented.


What is your mother's fundamental part in 'Ynesuelves'?

My mother is a fundamental part. It's 50-50. She is half and her contribution is the most creative, it's pure creation. She paints, embroiders, textile illustrator. We are in everything together and we are an eternal conversation, we look at each other, we understand each other, we are one.


You go hand in hand.

We have always gone hand in hand but because my mother has always been very creative and since we were little when we traveled to Biarritz we always imagined ourselves making a collection. and we never knew what was the beginning but it has always been like that and even since I was studying I was linked a lot to fashion to create it and Ynesuelves was born that way.


You could say that Biarritz is your place of union for Yensuelves.

I have it very present because it is our roots and our most deeply rooted part. It unites my mother and me. we have a house since my grandfather and we have many memories there. and it is a Biarritz of two points of view, two totally different generations and a lot was born there.


Tell me about your jewelry line with your mother, CO YN, how is the creation process? what materials do you like to use? 

At first it was born separately from the Ynesuelves project. I remember that I didn't like jewelry because they were bad costume jewelry or grandmother's jewelry. and I have always been very faithful to having good ones. and with my mother we always wanted to make youth jewelry lines and since I was studying we did it my mother, my godmother and I. and we did it in parallel. Jewelry is very important to me and I want both to have a lot of importance. 


What would be your dream to fulfill with your brand? 

I would like to see Ynesuelves expand internationally and become a more urban line to be able to wear on a daily basis and see it on the street.


What is the most beautiful feeling and the one you keep a great memory?

The most beautiful and the first is the February fashion show, which was the first and the most exciting and it was that moment with my mother of being behind the scenes watching the parade there, with the whole group and after so much work and that it came out was spectacular. 


What is the feeling you would like to live? 

Satisfaction, I want everything we have thought and imagined to be a minimum. That the imagination has become a reality because everything is an idea and that it becomes a reality is very difficult and I would love to fulfill this.


+ All Images: © Courtesy YnéSuelves

Ana F. Vázquez
Luxiders Magazine Contributor