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Do you need some supporters of your meditation practices and mindfulness? We brought a list of best apps and books that can help your healthier lifestyle.


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In an extremely fast-paced society, the importance for inner peace and mindfulness has been increasing. Meditation is a great method to keep our mind clear, and navigate our way in this chaotic modern life, offering a sense of tranquility. Whether you're an experienced practitioner or just a beginner of meditation and mindfulness, some texts from books and the guidelines from mobile apps have so much to offer. They can be your teacher, and also a partner of your small journey. We introduce the best apps and books on meditation and mindfulness in this article.



By Marcus Aurelius

Meditation” is timeless, and one of the oldest books about self-improvement and meditation written by Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, who was also a well-known philosopher. Marcus Aurelius introduces different practices and exercises for spiritual reflections and understanding himself to find the balance of the universe. The book is with twelve chapters, and it's important to note that it was never intended for commercial use or publication. This book is closer to a personal journal, therefore it is more genuine and you can see how he found a inner-peace and mindfulness through meditation and philosophy as an emperor, but also as a man.


Real Happiness: A 28-Day Program to Realize the Power of Meditation
By Sharon Salzberg

If you just started meditation but don’t really know what to do, this book will be your first choice. "Real Happiness" by Sharon Salzberg gives us a 28-day meditation program to introduce meditation's transformative power. The book introduces several meditation techniques and daily meditation practices that are suitable from beginners to experienced practitioners, giving us clear guidelines that everybody can easily follow. It emphasizes how beneficial meditation is, such as stress reduction, mindfulness, and enhanced self-control and focus. 


Practicing Mindfulness: 75 Essential Meditations to Reduce Stress, Improve Mental Health, and Find Peace in the Everyday
By Matthew Sockolov 

"Practicing Mindfulness'' written by Matthew Sockolov is a guidebook that introduces 75 essential meditation practices and techniques that help to reduce stress, keep mental well-being, and find a peaceful and positive mindset in this chaotic world. The exercises introduced by Sockolov in the book are very practical and accessible anywhere and anytime, making people living in the busy urban areas easily find the way to keep their daily meditation routines.



Headspace: Mindful Meditation

This app introduces hundreds of different meditation techniques and courses to get happier in everyday life. The courses are designed by different concepts and topics, such as basics, managing anxiety, better sleep, and so on. Each exercise is chosen and introduced by world-class experts. You are able to get personalized recommendations and daily routines based on your lifestyle, what you like and how you are feeling that day.


Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a free app that offers guided meditations and talks led by the top experts in meditation, neuroscientists, psychologists and teachers from the best universities around the world. The app contains thousands of guides and actively adds new guided meditations daily so practitioners can experience new techniques everyday. The practices introduced in the app focuses on deep sleep, managing anxiety, enhancing focus, leadership, etc.


Healthy Minds Program

Healthy Minds Program is a budget-friendly app for your meditation practices. It is a free app that shows a path to well-being based on scientific facts and decades of studies and research. The app features 4 key concepts: Awareness, Connection, Insight, and Purpose. With these ideas, the app offers accessible and simple skills and daily goals to achieve that are suitable for people in busy life. The practices introduced in the app enhance personal well-being, build healthy relationships, and improve communication, performance, and creativity at work or in your daily life.



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