Fashion Editorial | All Those Little Things


All those little things.

Will the flowers still bloom in spring on my way to your house?
What if I prevent the ground from noticing me presence?

Reality does not need my waste. 

Our mistakes will not vanish.

If we don't care...
Decay awaits us all.



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Dress by KERO STUDIO, a Peruvian sustainable brand that focuses on fair trade and giving positive impact in the local community with the use of Alpaca. The sweater is from eco-friendly brand EVE IN PARADISE, that focuses on high quality and fairly produced feminine and sporty designs. Vegan boots by ANNE SCHOLLENBERGER, a label that designs bags, shoes, hats, and accessories with cactus leather. Cactus leather saves tons of water and greenhouse gas emissions compared to animal leather.


Tunic by SOPHIA SCHNEIDER-ESLEBENknown for their unique patterns on their garments that are inspired by various contemporary painters and artists. Jeans are from KINGS OF INDIGO, pioneering sustainability since day one.


Top and pants by LOVE SOPHIA, a womenswear brand that creates organic high-fashion pieces. Over shirt is from HEMPAGE. Skirt by MAZINE.


Tunic by LANIUS. Jeans by KINGS OF INDIGO.


Hat and pants by HEMPAGE. Shirt by KINGS OF INDIGO. Jacket by HUL LE KES. 


Dress and jacket by HUL LE KES, a luxury sustainable brand based in the Netherlands that focuses on circular fashion and upcycling. They use unique natural dying techniques with food waste. Leather bag by O MY BAG, a luxury brand B. Corp Certified, which assures they are ethically and sustainably made in India. 


Lasse wears shirt by HUL LE KES, pants by KINGS OF INDIGO and bio vegan boots by NAT-2, PETA approved. The bag is from COMBBAGS, made in Germany from recycled materials. Elisabeth wears dress by WISQA, a brand that only works with natural fibers. The kimono is from MAZINE. The bag is from B. Corp brand O MY BAG.


Shirt by HEMPAGE. Over shirt and pants by KINGS OF INDIGO. Boots made of corn by NAT-2. 


Coat by WUNDERWERK, a German brand certified in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and member of The International Association of Natural Textiles (IVN). Shirt is from HUL LE KES. Pants are from LOVE SOPHIA. Boots by NAT-2.


Sneakers made from textile waste by NAT-2.


Jumpsuit by SOPHIA SCHNEIDER-ESLEBEN. Sweater by ORGANIC FORCE, made from regional cultivation as well as renewable and environmentally friendly materials. With every purchase of a hemp nettle sweater, you support nature conservation: 5 € goes towards donation to NABU, for the primeval forests of the future. Glasses made of bio acetate by 5 LOOPS. The brand is sustainable, stylish and authentic. Bag by COMBBAGS. Sneakers by NAT-2. 


All the labels featured in this fashion editorial are committed to sustainable practices and have in common to make of the fashion world a more ethical industry.



Art Direction & Production BELVIS SOLER
Creative Director & Film Editor JENS WITTWER