Fashion Editorial | Apples Shine Like A Starry Affair


 A harvest celebration, a soul's delight.
In each bite, you taste your homeland near. 


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In the gentle embrace of home

in autumn‘s glow,

apples ripen sweetly, basking in the sun‘s warm flow.


In the garden, where the trees are old and wise,

each branch bears fruits, a delectable surprise.


Leaves gently fall, like whispers in the air,

and apples shine like a starry affair.


Their colors gleam, in red and gold so bright,

A harvest celebration, a soul‘s delight.


In each bite, you taste your homeland near,

the sweet fruit, so lovely, crystal clear.


Autumn tells stories, deep and wide,

of warmth, of home, of joyous life‘s stride.


So pick the apples, feel autumn‘s embrace,

the love for home, deep within your grace.

In apple pies, applesauce, and wine,

home comes alive, sweet and divine.


Rike is wearing the R-PET crafted eye-catching catsuit by ANNA TOFTGAARD-HANSEN, a newcomer in the world of fashion design. The dress is a creation from ECOALF, made entirely from 100% Organic Cotton Poplin. TRIPPEN shoes, a brand that emphasizes social responsibility, completes the vision of sustainability in avant-garde footwear. The model Hideout is featured with a sole crafted from locally sourced wood. The Bigger Drop Earrings, labeled MUSSELS AND MUSCLES, are made of handcrafted by responsibly-sourced wood. Rike is wearing a 100% Toyo-straw hat by STETSON.


Cobaltalf Dress by ECOALF. This piece is a blend of 70% Organic Cotton and 30% Recycled Cotton. Silver-metallic pair of TRIPPEN shoes. Her necklace, by PILGRIM, features delicate glass beads and semi-precious stones. The left one of the hanging two blouses is from VILA‘s special line that focuses on quality and intricate details, while the right blouse is from AVENIR, crafted from pre-loved or surplus textiles.


Cozy pullover from ECOALF. The corsage is by MUSTAFA ALI ABDULLAH, crafted from deadstock materials. The natural white Nauvo Myssyhattu hat by MYSSY  is a testament to traditional craftsmanship, through the use of 100% Finnsheep wool, which is not only organic but also hand-dyed. The Flower Mood Earring is from MUSSELS AND MUSCLES, crafted from sterling silver.


The hand-dyed and 100% Finnsheep wool-made organic Orvokki Myssy Wrap scarf from MYSSY in a charming shade of off-lilac, crafted by the skilled Myssy Grannies in Pöytyä, Finland. The blazer, designed by ANNA TOFTGAARD-HANSEN, takes a sustainable twist by utilizing deadstock materials. The top from LOTUSCRAFTS is proudly bearing the GOTS label. AVENIR‘s Deadstock Light Blue Lilo Shorts with Pocket Belt represent a sustainable fashion revolution, upcycling materials from pre-loved or surplus textiles. The unisex lace-up boots Galosche are from TRIPPEN. ISABELLA RUDZKI‘s handcrafted earrings and ring are sourced and sculpted in Germany.


YAS offers a Blouse crafted from Lenzing Ecovero brand viscose fibers. The knit top from ECOALF is composed of 55% Lenzing Ecovero, 25% linen, and 20% organic cotton. The skirt is from HESSNATUR. The „Madeleine“ bag has being entirely produced in France as a result of craftsmanship by LE TANNEUR. The TRIPPEN Hutu Boots are crafted from vegetable-tanned leather.

The earring on the right side is from PILGRIM, containing a minimum of 75% recycled materials. The earring on the left and the ring are designed by ISABELLA RUDZKI, sourced and handcrafted in Germany with an embodiment of artistry and mythology. Each prototype is lovingly sculpted by hand. The bracelet is from PILGRIM, also constructed with a minimum of 75% recycled materials.



Production & Creative Direction by 222STUDIO