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Heimtextil Trend Council, in a conference live-streamed on September 1st, 2020, offered a preview on the future of the design industry falling under the umbrella “Nothing New, Everything New.” Heimtextil, together with SPOTT trends & business, covers this and other design topics in a trend book already available. 


Newness is at the core of innovation and cultural and economic sprout. However, what’s the value of new products these days, when we are on the verge of overcoming an era of pleasure-driven consumption and short-lived products? Ubiquitous piles of non-degradable disposed items and the apocalyptic feeling that we, ourselves, are bringing humankind to disappear from the surface of the earth are truly chanting the adoption of new behaviors. Or better, pointing at the return to older practices in the context of modernity.



In this edition, Heimtextil, the world’s biggest trade fair for home and contract textiles by Messe Frankfurt, has typified four categories that bespeak the “Nothing New, Everything New” trend. Repurpose, Rewild, Reinforce and Revive epitomise the need to reform our current wasteful status quo in terms of redefining the value of newness, natural resources, purpose and functionality in a product.



This is all about curating and restyling existing textiles. Instead of creating from scratch, Repurpose overcomes limitations and preexisting purposes of what’s already in stock, and conjures a new set of premises. Repurpose advocates for new visual proposals crafted by innovative processes and DIY enthusiasts. 



Rewild—the acknowledgement of nature. This category brings back the power of nature to the centre in an attempt to understand and cope with the unfathomable wisdom of ecosystems. Rewild is about rediscovering the wonders, benefits and applications found in nature, as well as finding regenerative processes able to keep ecosystems healthy. Think of biophilic design, adoption of indigenous practices, and urban farming. 



Moving away from overconsumption to long-lasting products, Reinforce is about making products more durable, less disposable—because life’s too short to stay bounded to an unendless renewal of goods. It’s a Scandinavian mood: resilience, functionality and simplicity. 



Revive is young, creative and experimental. This category renders homage to reconnecting to our human core: the ability to sense. It praises the acknowledgement of intangible human states which, in turn, gives momentum to emphasise the process itself as opposed to focusing solely on the final product. Revive, in other words, subdues ephemeral pleasure for ongoing practices that enhance overall wellbeing. 


With this, Heimtextil and SPOTT trends & business have forecasted a season promising more human realness, quality and creativity summoning a more circular economy.


*Photos from Heimtextil



   +  Words: Alejandra Espinosa, Luxiders Magazine Editor

Liberal Arts graduate | Berlin-based writer

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