Interview With Cassie Quinn | On Biodesign And The Future Of Fashion



 Cassie Quinn is a fashion and materials designer with a focus on sustainability and regeneration in the fashion industry. Quinn's London-based regenerative fashion lab, CQ Studio, is investigating biomaterials by integrating science, design, and craftsmanship to help reduce fashion industry waste. Join us in our conversation about biomaterial and how can they influence the future of fashion.


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Cassie Quinn has received numerous awards for her efforts, including semi-finalist for the Mayor's Entrepreneur Award, Haberdashers Scholar, and UAL Social Enterprise Programme Award. She was recently awarded the coveted Mead Fellowship for a project involving research into regenerating fibers for fashion. In this conversation, we discuss biomaterials and how we could influence change in the fashion industry.



 +  Interviewer:
Indira Jimenez
Luxiders Magazine