Patchwork | Autumn Winter 2021 Sustainable Trends



Luxury fashion brands are patching together their clothes. The message: that there is no shame in using old materials to make something new, and in-fact, that the more colours and patterns that clash, the better! We explore how five brands got on the up-cycling bandwagon, and what it looked like for their collections this season.


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Mixing and matching different fabrics and materials has made a comeback this season, and for many brands it does so with a sustainable twist. At Chloé, patchwork puffer jackets were made from entirely repurposed materials. Vivetta presented a mesmerising quilted trapeze coat inspired by nature and Dolce & Gabbana played with geometric designs.


As Will.I.Am famously stated:
“Waste isn’t waste until we waste it”




The approach at Moschino looked a lot like a patchwork outfit that encompassed many different garment styles into one look. Leather biker jacket meets tan trench coat and the denim dress meets pink blouse and leopard midi skirt. More is more was the message.



With their patched-together puffer coat, Vivetta took a different approach, that brought complementary pinks, oranges, golds and browns in a big and bold floral arrangement.



The epitome of upcycling, patchwork used Chloè overstock from previous collections throughout the brand’s history. By collaging together ‘waste’, it was waste no more, and an entire new collection was made.



Overexaggerated stitching appears in an irregular patchwork pattern, that mimics that done by hand by a non-textiles-professional but by any individual that can manoeuvre a needle and some plain white thread. Bold and vibrant contrasting colours were seen in patches and stripes throughout the collection, achieving the mood-boosting “colour therapy” that inspired this collection.



Vibrant colours clashed together in this playful collection by Daniela Gregis. From head to toe, irregularly blocked patches were used to build garments, finished with mismatching shoes. This collection tells us to be more carefree and experimental with fashion, that nothing is off the cards.


+ Words:

Niamh Heron
Luxiders Magazine