Pilar Dalbat | The Transmission Of memories And The Emotion Of A Devoted Audience



The Granada-born artist Pilar Dalbat returns one more season to thrill us with her land and to teleport us to unique landscapes that only she can make us see in her pieces.

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Pilar Dalbat's memories are a fundamental part in the inspiration of her creations. Moments of her childhood that she reflects in her costumes and that are able to excite an audience intoxicated by each dance performed by the models. 

This time, she has focused on the Granada plains, remembering the Sunday walks, the rain, the fireplace. The fields planted with tobacco and corn in summer, the walks to pick the blackberries with brambles and reeds. Even Lorca remembered the fertile plains of Granada between lyrical rivers and musical poplars that are a continuous backwater.

That wink has been marked by its light and striking colors, its controlled volumes, tight lines and flowing skirts. With varied and opposing fabrics ranging from methacrylate to tweed, linen and vaporous chiffons, combined in a masterful way, giving a fresh and renewed vision. 

But in addition to the outfits, we have been able to appreciate the detail of the jewelry marked by the seal of Hector Lara. A talented man from Jinense who has used 3D printing and sustainable materials, such as filaments composed of 50% recycled wood and PLA filament (polylactic acid) to create unique and elegant pieces. 

A collection focused on the care and love we feel for the environment and nature, using sustainable pieces and respecting all the processes of creation, to conquer the public from the origin.



How are you? What are your feelings about the fashion show?

I am very excited and really grateful for the positive response we received from the show. The energy on the catwalk was incredible, and to see how "Vega" came to life and moved the public and the press was a truly moving experience.


Your fashion shows are characterized by recovering patterns, which one have you rescued this time?

In "Vega", I have rescued patterns that are already classics of the house and we have done a great job of research in the process of adapting the same pattern to different materials which has led us to unexpected results. We are very happy with the result.


They are also characterized by constant winks to your homeland, Granada. Which ones have you made and which ones have we been able to see on the catwalk?

The video teaser of the collection that we launched three days before the fashion show explains very well where "Vega" comes from and what our intention is. In this collection, the nods to Granada are evident, a color palette inspired by the vega of Granada, with bright yellows, vine pinks and metallic shades to which we add the handmade embroidery and metallic details that are an interpretation of craftsmanship and the cultural richness of this area.


You are very conscious of the power of craftsmanship in the history of the brand. What technique have you used this time?

In "Vega", we have continued to focus on craftsmanship by incorporating handmade embroidery in our evening wear. Attention to detail and quality craftsmanship are fundamental to my work.


What story do you tell through your outfits in this issue?

"Vega", tells the story of my summer nights in Granada, a landscape I have enjoyed since my childhood. The challenge is to move the viewer to this natural environment, to make them discover the heritage value of such an original and fragile landscape as in his language did the great Federico García Lorca.


What does 'Vega' mean and why did you want to call it that?

"Vega" takes its name from the green belt surrounding Granada, a threatened but resilient place that I wanted to honor in this collection. I wanted to highlight the importance of nature, fashion and cultural heritage in one concept.


Your designs also stand out for highlighting to the maximum the lines of expression in every female body, what do you most like to highlight and above all convey?

Every woman is different, highlighting her beauty and uniqueness is a challenge. I like loose-fitting garments, for me elegance and femininity are far from tight-fitting garments, plunging necklines or any other cliché. I like the bodies to move freely and the garments to float over them.



During the whole process of creating a collection, what is your favorite step? And above all, where and how do you look for inspiration?

My moment is the start, I love it when the idea is brewing and we are starting to study, to look for the Color and the silhouette and to give shape to the idea. I also like to look for the name.


You look for a perfect collaboration in your fashion shows to be able to work hand in hand with another artisan, for example, in your last collection you worked with Hector Lara for his fine jewelry.  What exquisiteness do you look for in your collaborations? What tip must it have to be perfect to complement your collection?

In my collaborations, I look for artisanal excellence and sustainability. Hector Lara is a perfect example, as he uses 3D printing and sustainable materials in his creations, which fits perfectly with my commitment to the environment and responsible fashion.


What would be the dream to fulfill with your brand?

My dream is to keep growing.


What is the most beautiful feeling and the one you keep a great memory of?

The most beautiful feeling is to see the audience excited after each parade, sharing with them the months of work is something I keep in my trunk of memories with special affection. Seeing women wearing my designs year after year, in a totally timeless way is one of the most gratifying sensations.


+ All Images: © Courtesy Pilar Dalbat

Ana F. Vázquez
Luxiders Magazine Contributor