Portugal and its sustainable approach



Sustainability and innovation continue to be the engine of the European textile industry. The world has to face change and challenge today and must find innovative solutions in the future. The Portuguese textile industry and its designers play a major role in shaping the pan-European textile industry and give sustainability more weight in the future.


Keywords such as dynamic, fast, uncertain, disruptive or even transformative characterize today's textile industry worldwide. As seen at the 53rd edition of Modtissimo, held twice a year, sustainability is a great opportunity that has been recognized by the Portuguese industry and will be used in the future. 

Sustainability were highlighted at the iTechtStyle Showcase® area placed at the functioning airport of Porto. 30 fabrics, e.g. fibres produced of the banana tree trunks or fibres which are produced from the waste of the coconut industry, 14 products and 10 accessory companies were showcased, as well as some "Best Product" articles , awarded at Ispo Award ’ last edition, which took place in Munich earlier. Further more, CITEVE also opened applications for the next iTechSTyle Green Circle , which will be presented during the fair’s September edition.

So what to expect at the next Green Circle? In general, Modtissimo will definitively opens up "a broader center stage regarding sustainability, in terms of textile manufactures as well as Portuguese Designers“, Manuel Serrão, Associação Selectiva Moda ’s general director, said. A definition of sustainability is not only linked to an ecological and ethic approach, further more functionality adds an important aspect to sustainability too, he added. With this broader concept, Green Circle will showcase Portugals potential as a leading textile industry itself. But it also embraces finest sustainable and functional solutions and bring finest Portuguese designers on stage. 

For us this is an imperative to give answers to urgent questions of current existing challenges and an ever changing environment. Below we present some of the sustainable brands that showed their latest collections during Modtissimo.


Pé de Chumbo, what a wonder!

Pé de chumbo is a women's clothing brand, designed by fashion designer Alexandra Oliveira, present in multi-brand stores in more than 30 countries. The brand has been imposing her characteristics, in designing and manufacturing of woven and knitted fabrics, using unique handmade processes. Mixing fabrics, yarns, and transparencies with different textures, creates contrasts of materials and colors, highlighting the details of each piece, is the aim of the designer. Just look at the Rafia Collection. Isn't it a wonder?


Dielmar, tailoring by hand

Dielmar has a production process able to ensure a high quality product to its clients, as well as the personalization of each request. Many of its tailoring processes are carried by hand. The company uses fabrics of noble composition such as natural fibers (cashmere, silk, pure wool, cotton and blends of natural fibers), mainly imported from Italy.


Nazareth Collection, diving into renewable fabrics

Dive into your tunic, t-shirt or scarf, the brand introduces a new eco-friendly summer collection supporting sustainable fashion by preferring renewable fabrics, low impact dyes and of course less water waste. At every production stage they do their best to contribute to a ever more environmental friendly industry, minding fashion as a sustainable human activity in our Planet Earth.


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