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In the language of fashion, Rains is certainly synonymous with transparency and traceability, in terms of Code of Conduct. The Danish genderless and outerwear brand, founded by Daniel Brix and Philip Lotko is focused on and elevating functional design. The brand traces and maps its social accountability, from responsible business activities to sustainable development goals and environmental preservation, through its project, Light the Way. The brand is named after Denmark’s notoriously inclement weather (the country averages 170 days of rain a year) and of course the raincoat is the label’s signature piece. Rains garments are made with the recycled polyester fabric (produced from plastic bottles), lightweight and robust, supported by a polyurethane coating free of fluorinated polymers, that guarantees long life to the head and water repellency.

The goal of the brand for 2021 is to line all the outdoor garments of the Thermal line with recycled nylon from differentiated products, in order to make from waste a valuable resource. The clothes (packed in recycled plastic bags) are padded with a "featherless" technological and innovative material, which replaces goose feathers. In addition, all accessories, zippers and decorations are designed and made of stainless steel, the most environmentally friendly metal, as corrosion resistant, durable, recycled and with high recovery rates, as well as the advantage of being nickel-free. To reduce its carbon footprint, the brand has located more sorting centers in key points that serve the continents in which it operates, so as to avoid air transport for standard deliveries.