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The Finnish designer Rolf Ekroth founds his brand in 2016, immediately after ending his education. Before approaching the world of fashion, the designer studied psychology and social work, did all kind of different sales jobs and also played poker professionally for three years. His interest in fashion, however, was developed much earlier. In 1994, he began to transform sports outfits into something completely different, something that today, it is called Rolf Ekroth. His passion for utalitarian fashion also led him to collaborate with Terenit, an historic Finnish sports brand, for a collection made in small quantities in order to avoid waste and using recycled materials. Most of them come from China and are produced by his friend Yuki Kawakam. The ethical commitment of Rolf Ekroth does not stop there: within its collections, the brand uses the Bio2 Textile, the ecological fabric similar to cotton developed by the Finnish energy company Fortum with the agricultural waste straw. His pieces are nostalgic and transformable, like his sleeping-bag looks, which are basically flat rectangles with a zipper and drawstrings that can be manipulated to create volume and form.