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The upcoming trend book for Spring-Summer 2025 by Texworld Evolution Paris, titled 'Veritas,' will reshape fashion narratives by harnessing AI. Departing from tribal influences, these trends embrace a world where each individual defends their unique truths. Explore these thematic worlds at the next Texworld Evolution Paris, to be held at Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles, from February 5 to 7, 2024.


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Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, the artistic directors of Texworld Evolution Paris, have leveraged Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create "Veritas," a trend book that predicts the upcoming Spring-Summer fashion landscape of 2025. They crafted a narrative that explores personal interpretations of future humanity, as reflected in our wardrobes and commitment to our subjective truths. The book is organized around four thematic worlds: Belief, Immanence, Knowledge, and Experience. Visitors can explore these worlds at two Trend Forums: one at Texworld Paris for fabrics and another at Apparel Sourcing Paris for finished products (a new feature starting February 2024).





The first theme, "Belief," embraces elegance and discretion. It shies away from assertiveness and is rather introverted. It expresses itself through calm colour temperatures dominated by conservative, mineral shades of green and blue. The textures convey a sense of matter and vibrations, creating a harmonious backdrop.



Second, "Immanence" is still conservative and mystical, but takes a more visible stance. It showcases a talkative "bohemian-chic" universe that asserts new rules for our common life. Through a relatively cynical approach, it states: relatively cynical approach: "These are the new rules of our common life. You must live with them". The expressive and warmer colour range finds expression in knitwear or embroidery materials with relief or a frosted appearance.



Departing from their counterparts, "Knowledge" is all about self-affirmation. It is set to radically transform classic sources of inspiration like nature, plants, and flowers. Strong, contrasting colours in opposition are applied to futuristic textures, including crumpled, liquid, or transparent materials.



Finally, "Experience," is the most committed to subjective truth. It challenges individuals to trust only themselves and learn from personal experiences. The dominant, bold colours are meant to draw attention. Acidic, sweet shades are king, as are materials that evoke urban or sporty codes: rips, shiny aspects, organic (second-skin type), but also lace and transparency.



Notably, for the first time, the artistic directors integrate elements of artificial intelligence into the creative process. Using, AI, "Veritas" analyses the emerging signals in artistic, economic, and social fields. The artistic directors incorporate these elements generated by AI into the pattern design boards. The result is a captivating blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. The directors believe our wardrobes reflect our levels of commitment to the "truth". Faced with the modern paradox of growth versus sustainability, each of us expresses our own vision of the world.

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