Sustainability Remains Crucial To Momad Fashion Event



Momad, Spain’s most important fashion fair, will return this February to exhibit over 300 fashion firms and brands. This article highlights the sustainable aspects of the show, taking a look at some of the sustainable brands that will be present as well as some activities to attend if you would like to learn more about sustainability.


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Between the 3rd and 5th of February, Momad, the exhibition for fashion, footwear and accessories, will take place at Ifema Madrid. The fair is held twice a year in Spain and is the largest commercial showcase in Southern Europe for fashion collections, trends and retail concepts. This time, more than 300 brands will exhibit in hall 8 of the building, amongst them a great selection of sustainable alternatives, as a commitment to the future.


Belvis Soler, Director of Luxiders Magazine, will interview Maria Lafuente, one of the most important sustainable fashion designers in Spain. Join us next Saturday, 4th February, at Momad Image, at 13.00 hours.



Momad is committed to the future of fashion and have therefore started promoting young designers, digitalisation of fashion and most importantly to us as Luxiders, Innovation and Sustainability. This year, there will be a group of roughly 70 brands exhibiting that are offering sustainable products, some of which will be shown in their own ‘Sustainable Experience’ area of the show. By having this space, the fair is able to express its commitment to change whilst at the same time making it convenient for buyers to shop for more sustainable alternatives. 

One brand is Tartaruga, which is dedicated to slow fashion. The brand uses vegetable dyes that are designed to last to colour their clothing, reducing the use of harmful chemicals in the production process. They also promote the production of high quality garments that are timeless in hopes of avoiding over consumption. Along with their sustainable production methods, the brand also advocates for fashion that’s traceable so that the consumer understands the conditions where their clothing was made, promoting ethical fashion.  

Another brand exhibiting at the show is Bombay Sunset, who produce jewelry and have dedicated themselves to become fully carbon neutral. Recently, the brand released their Guadalix collection to commemorate their Bombay Sunset Forest where they planted 400 trees to offset some of their CO2 emissions. They were the first Spanish brand to do this, highlighting their commitment to sustainability. 

Nipa is another sustainable footwear brand exhibiting at the show. The brand is fully Vegan and in the production process they avoid using materials that harm the environment. Some other brands to look out for during the fair are Perpetum Mobile, who design fashion and accessories with mattress fabrics in a sustainable and socially responsible way, Nomadic State of Mind, Laüd Recycled, Leather Tex, Makanuda, Vaicana, and Fulmarix. A full list of exhibitors can be found on the Momad website.



During the weekend, there are a total of eight talks, conferences and debates dedicated to the themes of sustainability and sustainable development. The majority will take place on Friday, however there are talks throughout the whole weekend looking at a range of topics, some including unsold stock to the sustainability of textiles moving into the future. 

One talk is focused on embracing circular fashion and will happen on Saturday the 4th of February at 13.oo hours. At this talk, Belvis Soler, director of Luxiders Magazine will be in attendance, having conversations with Maria LaFuente, one of the most important sustainable designers in Spain. They will talk about sustainability and circularity in fashion.

A debate by Carman Arnaiz, founder of Calopa Concept, and Silvia Pérez Bou, Professor of sustainability at the University of Navarra, will also take place during the weekend. This talk will tackle the issues of building a sustainable wardrobe, looking at Greenwashing and making use of scrap materials in fashion.  

In addition to the talks, during the fair there will also be the MOMAD catwalk. At this, models will walk in designs that fall into their ‘Development Focused’ category, some of which will be sustainable designs from emerging brands. The show could be worth attending if you are interested in seeing the designs in motion!



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Emily Nicholas
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