The most sensual sustainable luxury lingerie



Whenever you go for luxury lingerie shopping, keep in mind that the lingerie you purchase has to be as beautiful as sustainable as possible. There are different kinds of lingerie for different kind of ladies. But there are a few important points to keep in mind before choosing the most beautiful and sustainable luxury lingerie worldwide.


Choose well

Look wise – The most important thing to keep in mind before you buy your lingerie is it looks and one will obviously want her lingerie to be sexy lingerie. It doesn’t matter if you want to show it to someone or not, but to keep yourself happy one has to wear such lingerie which is sexy looking to make one happy and it has to give a bold look and that confidence to wear any dress over it.

Value for money – It is very important for everyone before you make a decision to buy lingerie is your lingerie is worth for money. Before investing your money, you would obviously want to be sure if your lingerie is worth spending whatever amount you have planned to spend on buying it.

Fabric – The fabric of your lingerie is very important. You would always want your lingerie to be as comfortable as wearing nothing. Your lingerie has to be irritation free or it must suit your skin. Your lingerie can be of different options like lace, frills, cotton, velvet, etc. While making a decision of buying this hits your mind a lot if this lingerie will suit your skin and won’t irritate your skin at all.

Stain-free – Once a female goes for lingerie shopping there are many things to keep in mind, but this is the most important thing that a female thinks of is that your panty should be stain free. In menstruation time a female always thinks that her panty should not take any stains that mean your lingerie has to be sustainable and stain free so that you can use them for a longer time.





These points will help you pick the best lingerie for you. The more these points you keep in mind the more you’ll be sure of picking the right one for you and once you’ll be able to pick the right sustainable lingerie your confidence will boost and you will feel beautiful inside out.


Top sustainable luxury lingerie brands

We select for you our Top 4 favorite sustainable luxury lingerie on shop. If you want to meet more, do not doubt to go to our Sustainable Shopping Guide.



Chité is a Maison of Luxury Lingerie, made in Italy, as the synonym of best-in-class quality and a set of social-ethic values in which we truly believe. Women’s back can be extremely seductive and elegant, thus Chité glorifies it more with its bras. Its pieces allow women to show their back gaining the attention usually devoted to the décolleté.


Studio Pia

Studio Pia is ethically crafted in the UK & Europe, with a focus on fashion-led, creative design, and cruelty-free, organic silk. Every garment is designed to flatter a range of body types, achieved through adjustable sections, allowing for a personalised fit.



LÖV’s mission is to be the answer to woman’s demand for comfort. They offer underwear that reinforce the life you are aspiring to have.
Therefore thy have designed pieces to make you feel empowered and support you on your way to achieving your goals. If this means you are running errands, jumping on planes, going from morning meetings to after work parties or just enjoying a binge marathon on Netflix, so be it!



Mixed with elegant-sporty silhouettes and elements from Readytowear, Opaak extends the invitation to combine underwear as outerwear. The line’s clean design is finished with a selection of functional trims and materials that create an overall contemporary, yet sensual body wear collection. Although pieces can be worn within a cool, sexy and sporty context, they can also strike as avantguard.