The Secret World Of Microalgae 2024



Un Jardin Sur Les Toits in collaboration with the University of Almeria hosts their immersive exhibition: The Secret Life of Microalgae. Hosted till the 22nd of October in the beautiful city of Valencia, this exhibition allows one to experience a didactic journey through the world of microalgae and its impact on our planet.

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The fascinating world of micro-algae offers both artistic delight and scientific intrigue in the exhibition “The Secret life of Micro-Algae” presented by Un Jardin Sur Les Toits in collaboration with the University of Almeria. The exhibition began last month on the 2nd of April and will go on till 22nd October, endowing its visitors with a new found appreciation for one of nature’s most ethereal and mysterious creations: Algae. 

The exhibition is hosted at the historical cultural vessel of Valencia; Centro del Carmen de Cultura Contemporánea. This event is part of the official program of Valencia European Green Capital 2024, which aims once more to solidify Valencia as a green space of transcendental importance in Europe and the world. Emulating the energy of the city, the exhibition sensory and immersive journey, the genesis of micro-algae, their essential role in combating the problem of climate change in today's world as well as their applications in a sustainable world of the future. 




It is impossible to overlook the crucial role microalgae play in climate regulation and CO2 fixation, significantly reducing greenhouse gasses. Oceans produce 50 to 75% of the world's oxygen through photosynthesis, primarily from microalgae, kelp forests, and marine meadows. 

Already, the applications of micro-algae for sustainable solutions are being researched or put into practice. Their potential is believed to be endless, ranging from the purification of air and water, agriculture, the fight against malnutrition in the world, pharmacology and space conquest.

Through the collaborative efforts of a dedicated algae research team at the university of Almeira and the creative agency Un Jardin Sur Les Toits, the exhibition aims to provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of microalgae, an appreciation for its versatility and its necessity for our future.

To achieve this goal, the Secret Life of Micro-algae exhibit is presented through four contemporary atmospheres: 

The first of these exhibits features three glass photobioreactors, each over 3 meters tall. The photobioreactors are used to demonstrate the life cycle of micro-algae and help visitors attain an understanding of the photosynthesis process.


The second exhibit introduces the creative concept of the V.O.F. “Virtual Oxygen Farm.” This is an innovative system that combines biotechnology, digital creation, blockchain technology, and AI. It aims to significantly reduce greenhouse gasses by calculating and offsetting the carbon footprint of any entity—virtual, synthetic, or organic—in real time.  It reinvents the process of photosynthesis through AI by attempting to capture large amounts of CO2 and produce oxygen. In this way, the V.O.F bridges the virtual and real worlds. 

The third exhibit centers on an immersive 38-minute film made with 3D images. The film depicts the life of micro-algae from their origins 3 billion years ago to their modern-day applications across various industries.



The fourth and final part of the exhibit is a Show-Lab displaying the products resulting from several years of research from 15 European companies that have specialized in the production of objects designed from algal biomass. These products are a testament to the extent of the possibilities offered by micro-algae in sectors as varied as bioplastics, fashion, design, nutrition, construction or insulation.



Jesus Diaz and Stefano Marano co-founded their creative agency and research laboratory Un Jardin Sur Les Toits specialized in biotechnology and blockchain technology, with a special preoccupation with applications to combat climate change. Much of their research centers on the study of Micro-Algae and how it can be applied to problems of carbon emission and air pollution, which has led to proposals of establishing micro-algae farms on high-density city roofs. Through these means the agency aims to not only improve air quality, lower pollution, but restore green natural spaces to urban environments. Driven by the desire to create a real synergy between the various players in the field, exchanges between researchers are scheduled and educational tools developed. This dream, which is becoming a reality day after day, was born from the passion of the agency for plants and for micro-algae.



The Secret World of Algae offers a profound exploration of the mysteries of the underwater world and of the pivotal role microalgae plays in a sustainable future for us all. As we confront the pressing challenges of climate change, such educational and inspiring exhibitions remind us of the extraordinary potential of nature and technology working together. 


+ Highlight Image: Courtesy The Secret World of Microalgae Exhibition 2024

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Liza Silva
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