Switching To Sustainable Fashion: Top Affordable Brands



It’s not a secret that when choosing the more environmentally and socially conscious fashion option we are often met with a greater price. However, if you’re making the transition from high street stores or moderately priced stores, as appose to bespoke/high-end, it can be difficult to find alternatives within the same price range. Find here some brands that will ease transitioning to sustainable fashion!


It is worth noting that we understand everyone has a different idea of what classes as ‘affordable’ fashion but the following list has been curated through comparing brands across the sustainable fashion spectrum and these seem to be the most cost effective for the product. In this article we are going to be suggesting some affordable e-shops and stores that offer a sustainable alternative to your wardrobe basics as well as those funky pieces you don’t want to miss out on when swapping to sustainable fashion!





Kool & Konscious is a multi-brand platform highlighting their favourite collection of sustainable brands for men, woman and accessories. If you’re looking for classic and versatile garments, such as a striped top or classic plain white tee then there are a few options from different brands, depending on your price range. One brand featured, Komodo, have a range of organic plain tees and cute graphic tees for around €30-40. There are also some crazy prints from brands such as ASIME seen on tops starting at €28 such as the red one included below.


Images from Kool & Konscious.



This should be a go-to store for anyone looking for those sustainable staples. Honest Basics offer white and black t-shirts, vests, dresses, hoodies, sweatpants and even an iconic spaghetti strap Little Black Dress (just €17)! For both men’s wear and woman’s wear tops start at €10 and even the most expensive thing are the organic cotton jeans for just €45. It’s nice to know you can get all your essentials in a shop where ethics and sustainability are a given.


Images from Honest Basics.





Lucy & Yak are a contemporary brand gaining more and more recognition - known for their iconic dungarees made ethically and always using organic materials. They sell many styles of dungarees in incredible rushes of colour and funky prints starting at £38. Alongside this they offer an amazing array of trousers, boiler suits, jumpers and tops from £30 up to about £55. The perfect store for anyone looking for something unique, sustainable and affordable! 


Images from Lucy & Yak.



Brava Fabrics sell a range of very trendy clothing for both men and woman. Some of the products such as the corduroy trousers and patterned shirts are good replacements to products found in Urban Outfitters, for example. The price range begins at about €36.90 and most don’t go above €99 (with the exception of winter coats). Definitely worth a browse if you’re looking for very current styles and some lively designs.


Images from Brava Fabrics.



Jeans are always seen as that difficult purchase to get absolutely right! The fit on the waist, the length, the colour, the stretch… They are a tricky garment to master especially at a good price. The unique aspect to MUD Jeans is that all products are available on monthly lease. It costs €119 to buy the jeans outright and €9.95 per month to lease the pair (for a year) and at the end of the lease you may swap in for a new pair, for free! Overall a very cost effective way of owning a durable, ethical and sustainably produced pair of high quality jeans.


Images from MUD Jeans.



The beauty of Armed Angels is the broad selection of styles and colours, there are some really striking sustainable items for the more experimental consumer. Skirts and trousers pretty much remain under €80, with the exception of some, whilst knitwear and jackets are priced at a maximum of €120. There are of course the essentials too, with t-shirts priced around €24.90. For every €10 face-mask sold at Armed Angels (organic cotton/recycled polyester mix) the brand donate €2 to the Doctors without Borders charity - their goal is  One Million Euros.


Images from Armed Angels.



   +  Words: Cerys Matthews, Luxiders Magazine Editor