Trends SS21 | As Seen In Dresses



Spring always brings changes, and it does not matter that this year changes in fashion trends were mostly observed on screens (which means everyone had a front-row seat), changes happened. It appeared as if every runway show competed for boldness, colourful explosion and an unexpected combination of textures. 


As if seeking the desired destruction from troublesome years, designers presented Spring/Summer 2021 collections that revealed blooming hope and an unsatisfied urge to dress up once again. That urge was seen clearly through jackets, suits, accessories, but mostly through dresses. There is no other piece of clothing that comes as complete and needs no additional introduction like a dress.



Classic, but with a bolder twist, with flowers bigger, colours vibrant, with the whole silhouette blooming, florals on the dresses, again and again, awaken something feminine in the one who wears them.

As seen at Tom Ford (the contrast between the dark background and large floral print in neon), Chufy (ethnic motives and flowers on maxi dresses), Stella Jean (combination of geometric shapes and flowers), Erdem (midi and maxi dresses), and Preen (Asian flower motives on maxi and mini dresses).



The trend stands right beside floral print, yet this one is much bolder. The possibilities of combinations are endless. As seen on runways, dresses combine silk-scarf-like prints with solid colours, or even better, with another print. 

Louis Vuitton (combination of printed silk-scarf-like fabrics with solid colours), Christopher Kane (bold combination of prints), Dolce and Gabbana (combination of ethnic fabrics in one garment).



Bold shoulders do not seem to leave the list of trends for the last couple of seasons, and for a fair reason: they are amazingly flattering. However, this spring/summer season designers suggest adding some volume to the hem part of a dress, as well. In combination with broad, voluminous shoulders and puffed-up bottom, such a dress becomes a showstopper. 

Erdem (voluminous shoulders), Louis Vuitton (80’s inspired wide voluminous sleeves in blazer style dresses), Preen (voluminous sleeves), Richard Malone (volume in sleeves and skirts or dresses)



As long as we stayed in sweat suits, and comfortable loungewear, as much we now long for light fabrics, exposed skin and weightless garments. Designers are suggesting intriguing, yet somewhat modest ways to show arms and legs through maxi lengths and long sleeves made of sheer materials. 

Chanel (sheer evening gown), Burberry (see-through sleeves on white dresses, and fully transparent silver dresses), Gabriela Hearst (crocheted see-through dresses), Miu Miu (midi sleeveless pastel pink dress).



Summer season and delicate, unobtrusive colours are inseparable. Frankly, we do not mind. When the world returns to shimmering warm days, the last thing one wants is to wear dark, heavy colours. This season designers once again proved that classic decisions to bring pastels to collections not only exhilarate the whole show, but suggest the ideas of freshness that is a necessity after a long winter.

Zimmermann (maxi dresses with pastel floral prints), Giambattista Valli (mini and midi dresses in pastel pink and green), Miu Miu (midi sleeveless pastel pink dress).



If we observe two main aesthetics of the season, the ’60s would be one of them. Mini skirts and dresses, pastel and neon colours. Classic forms in a completely new interpretation. Speaking of dresses, some designers were inspired by the decade fully, while others only hinted at where the inspiration came from. 

Chanel (little black dresses), Genny (mini dress with wide shoulders in green), Miu Miu (combination of colours and mini), Philosophy (mini floral dresses). 



It is the second main decade that rules the fashion aesthetics of the current season. Think about low open backs, slick clean lines, midi length slip dresses and toned down colours. Designers followed a sense of nostalgia to the point that some runway shows could be from the past, while others, again, slightly hinted and presented the 90's in the new modern way. 

Avasan (solid basic colours, architectural, kimono-inspired dresses), Tom Ford (total black, button-up knit dress), Gabriela Hearst (slick, minimal black and white leather dress), Victoria Beckham (slip dresses).

+ Words:  Maria Kossman

Maria Kossman is a creative writer, essayist and blogger based in Edmonton, Canada. Passionate about sustainable living, minimalism, traveling, and anything antique, she focuses on advocating life that is inspiring, mindful and elegant.