Within The Majestic Nature By Photographer Yoshiki Hase



Born in Kanagawa, Japan, photographer Yoshiki Hase invites us to look at art and nature in an entirely new way. The fragility of nature in the climate crisis age is catched by his camera after some evocative handmade installations.


His last artwork, Dessin, shows how he stands within the majestic nature. “I am embraced with the unbelievable colors created by the sunlight, below the endlessly alternating cloud and sky. My heart and mind reaches an upwelling state, and comes together as part of the nature at such moment. Yet, I cannot fixate the indescribable experience. That is why I cut the landscape spreading in front of me within a rectangular frame.”

The objects are consisted of assemblies of lines, and perpetually continue to react to the steam of the cloud and wind, at times as elements that express the endless flow of the time, or a metaphor of the nature itself. “As I could not express the time and experience I spent there embraced by the majestic cloud and wind of the grandeur nature with photography, I photographed objects that would guide to invoke those feelings (e.g., the atmosphere and the power that existed there)” – the artist declares.


His previous artwork, 181°, consists of a series of photographs which include handmade, geometric objects physically inserted into an expansive landscape. “The images explore the harmonious relationship bet- ween landscapes and man made objects. I don’t use digital manipulation, this is all natural photography” – he says.


His fundamental question is whether our mind or creativity (including “science”, “society”...) is part of nature or not. “I am pursuing this theme by creating harmonic landscape pictures in pictorial methods, but trying not to be very logical on the theme”.


Sustainability is a very critical issue to Hase’s personal activities. “One should devote himself to creating less consuming system of society. City life is by nature chaotic and has contradictions. Photography is also a part of consumption society. Somehow, what I am doing is making efforts to be part of nature by committing to creating art. I think art is one of most natural and neutral ways of being human.”


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© Yoshiki Hase

+ Words:
Belvis Soler