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As summer approaches, we have a look at some of the best wellness hotels and spas in the world. With a shared sustainable vision, luxury hotel Habitas offers an escape from day to day life, while also working to ensure minimal damage to the planet is done. Join our conversation with the founder of this amazing luxury hotel located in the Windhoek District, Namibia.


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Habitas Namibia is a peaceful place to retreat to, and guests are assured to feel connected to nature and to themselves through the activities and wellness practices Habitas offer. Here, we share information on their accommodation and the activities they carry, however be sure to keep your eye out for our upcoming Print Magazine to read more about the wellness programmes and sustainable features at Habitas Namibia.



Habitas Namibia is a sustainable and eco-friendly establishment, so guests can feel reassured that their accommodation is made from natural materials. Not only this, but the rooms are designed with sustainability as well as comfort and luxury in mind, and they are integrated into the natural environment perfectly. 

The rooms at Habitas Namibia are filled with local crafts and custom-made furnishings, adding to the immersion of the guests' experience. The Safari Rooms are fittingly named, as the panoramic views offer a constant viewing point to nature, where one is able to watch Namibia’s wildlife from their own private outdoor terrace. Habitas Namibia say, ‘Elevated above the savanna on top of the hill, each Safari Room is equipped with sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding landscape that connect you to nature’.



Habitas offer a wealth of wellness experiences to their guests, with connection to nature being of key importance. Aside from the targeted wellness practices, also available at Habitas Namibia is the ‘Immersive Safari Experience’, which brings guests a step closer to the nature they can watch from their private rooms. This safari entails drives through Namibia, led by expert guides. Guests also have the option to partake in animal tracking, walks through the bush, and immersing themselves in the Kalahari. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for some, allowing guests to get up close and personal with Namibia’s wildlife and nature. Habitas also say, ‘From free dance to indigenous craft workshops, we incorporate local indigenous traditions into our experiences’.



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Emma Dahl
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