Best Sustainable Fashion Brands from Germany



They say local products are always better, they support national economy whilst making you feel unique. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite sustainable fashion brands from Germany to spice up your wardrobe and take care of your skin. Welcome to our new Wishlist!


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Minimalism and Sensibility by Per Se


Price: 2.900€ / 3.450$ |  Shop it now: PER SE


"The One With The Strong Character" Leather Bag by ALICIA VICTORIA


Price: 390,00€ / $ 460 USD |  Shop it now: ALICIA VICTORIA


Blue Waves Kaftan by SPC


Price: 279 € / USD 330,08 $ |  Shop it now: STEFANIE PIETSCH COLLECTION


Stripped Long Dress by ANNETTE RUFEGER


Price: 275 € / USD 325,35 $  |  Shop it now: ANNETTE RUFEGER


Recharge your skin after a beach day with After Sun by DR. HAUSCHKA


Price: 14.50 € / USD 17,15$ |  Shop it now: DR. HAUSCHKA