Texworld Paris 2024 | Witnessing The Transition To Sustainability In Sourcing



Texworld Paris, the renowned textile trade fair, poised to make waves once again as it embraced sustainability as the cornerstone of its latest edition. With a renewed focus on eco-conscious practices, Texworld Paris 2024 promised to be a milestone event for the global fashion industry.



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Frederic Bougeard, President and CEO of Messe Frankfurt France, set the tone for the event by highlighting the industry's resilience in the face of challenging times. "Despite the tumultuous political climate and the disruptions caused by the pandemic, Texworld Paris is witnessing a resurgence in numbers, reminiscent of pre-pandemic levels in 2019. This resurgence is fueled by increased diversification, with manufacturers from over 54 countries participating in the event." - he said during the Press Conference celebrated during the first day of the show.

A key highlight of Texworld Paris 2024 is the spotlight on sustainable sourcing practices. Dr. Siddhartha Rajagopal, executive director of Texprocil, underscored the importance of Indian Cotton in the global market, emphasizing its end-to-end traceability enabled by blockchain technology. “Not only does Indian Cotton enjoy worldwide recognition for its quality, but it also supports millions of farmers and promotes environmental care through good farm practices.” - said the executive.

The focus on near-sourcing, as emphasized by Jonas Wand, co-Founder and CEO of Foursource, reflects a growing trend in the industry. Data-driven insights reveal a significant shift towards European suppliers, with buyers increasingly prioritizing proximity and sustainability in their sourcing decisions. "Near sourcing has become more relevant in all regions, especially for European buyers. Main reasons for brands to build-up near sourcing destinations are (expected) lower MOQ's, shorter lead-times and faster delivery and replenishment (...) The main target countries for European buyer are Portugal and Turkey, but Balkans and Eastern Europe are increasing". – underlined the expert. 




Texworld Paris 2024 also marked a significant step towards greater visibility and accountability in sustainability efforts. Claudia Franz, Director of Brand Management Interior & Contract Textiles, explained the launch of Texpertise Econogy, a comprehensive initiative aimed at consolidating sustainable practices across all Messe Frankfurt's exhibitions. “By providing a unified platform for sustainable experiences and initiatives, Texpertise Econogy aims to combat greenwashing and promote genuine sustainability efforts within the industry.” - explained the director.

Building upon the success of previous editions, Texworld Paris 2024 introduceD several new initiatives to further its commitment to sustainability. From the Econogy Finder, an online directory of "independently" verified sustainable suppliers; to Econogy Talks, conferences dedicated to best practices and challenges in sustainable development. The event organizers seek to empower attendees with the knowledge and resources needed to drive positive change in the industry.




Sustainability is casting a radiant glow on all fashion events. At Texworld Paris 2024, this luminosity is epitomized by the rise of mono-material fabrics sourced from eco-friendly materials like hemp, cotton, Tencel, and silk. These fabrics are not only environmentally conscious but are also gaining independence in their creative applications.

Trends at Texworld Paris 2024 reflect a deepening connection to the planet and a celebration of new cultural expressions. Fluid watercolor prints, floral and plant motifs, reminiscent of nature's beauty, dominate the scene, embodying a profound link to the environment. Meanwhile, abstract art motifs emerge as a homage to contemporary culture, infusing textiles with a sense of innovation and creativity.

In addition to these thematic elements, the event showcases a surge in quilted textures crafted from sustainable cottons, offering a tactile and comforting aesthetic. Furthermore, hemp, once known for its ruggedness, is undergoing a remarkable transformation, evolving towards softness without compromising its eco-friendly credentials.

For more insights into the latest sustainable fashion trends and innovations, join Texworld Paris 2024 and be a part of the movement towards a more sustainable and stylish world. Their Digital Showroom is open 24-7 all year long. 


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