These Are The Sustainable Designers Who Have Paraded On The Catwalk MBFWMadrid



The 78th edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid brought with it the innovation in fabrics and craftsmanship as a flag, allowing to make more visible the importance of protecting the planet by taking these important steps.


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Edition after edition, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk surprised us with new bets of designers and especially with new techniques to surprise with their collections. In many cases, the recycling of waste is the protagonist, but also the use of techniques that become innovation today. However, they are dusted off from the history books to create unique and incomparable collections. 

This is what has happened with the JC Pajares collection, who returned to bet on the craftsmanship of his land, Castilla La Mancha, emphasizing in his collection that the greatest sustainable technique that exists is the local craftsmanship, a small luxury that few can enjoy but above all the result is exquisite and a true work of art.

On the other hand, Pilar Dalbat from Granada, Spain, once again recovered techniques from Mario Fortuny, who had already inspired her in previous collections. Her inspiration always elevates her costumes to another level and manages to thrill an audience that shows interest in history and also in the recovery of these techniques that become a real luxury and authentic sustainability.


However, the materials used are always the ones that attract the most attention. In this line, Isabel Sanchís presented a collection in which she experimented not only with her volumes and cuts in her patterns, but above all in her fabrics. In them she experiments with manes, recycled plastics and new manual finishes, pushing them to new limits and results. 

The same happened with María Lafuente, who incorporated cork fabric, PEFC-certified Santanderina textile, tencel and Tire-X lace into her designs. Surprising with its large volumes and a collection full of color.

But sustainability is also present in the story told through the collection on the catwalk. This is the case of YneSuelves who told the destruction that the ocean is suffering and all the pollution of microplastics. Both his fabrics and the heart of the story she told through her costumes, explained that big changes were needed to avoid great destruction.

More and more brands are betting on the use of sustainable fabrics and to raise public awareness through their collections, in this same line continues the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid betting on all this. A progress that will not only continue to be protagonist, but also will have greater prominence.


+ All Images: © Courtesy MBFWMadrid

Ana F. Vázquez
Luxiders Magazine Contributor